The Friday Night Roll-up details are stored here


Following the success of the last two year's Friday Night Triples roll-up, Graham Buchanan and his helpers will be repeating the format, with a few further minor amendments, (which have been highlighted in red ), which is all covered in The Rules for 2018, and qualifications to win the Fearnley Cup,  as below; 

1.    The competition is open to all club members.  

  Play will commence at 6 p,m. or as notified 

 The draw will take place at 5.50 p.m. or 10mins before the advertised start 

2.   On arrival each Friday, players MUST register their name on the list of players, to allow the organisers to know the total numbers for the draw.

3.   Please arrive no later than 5 min before the draw is due to take place. 

e.g Players to arrive and register their names by no later than 5.45, or 15 minutes before the advertised start. 

Any variation to these times will be advertised as the season progresses.

4.   All players will be asked to draw a coloured key-fob to determine the Rink, Team and position that they are required to play in that evening.

             e.g.   R1 :A1  =   Rink 1   Team A , Position 1 (Lead)

5.   Players must then play in the positions drawn - No Switching Places **! This will allow players who do not usually lead or Skip to gain some experience.  ** The only exception will be if anyone drawn as a Skip does not wish to fulfil that role, then they can switch with a team member.

6.   The 'A' Team will be the Home side, and 'B' the Away side.

7.   Only one score card will be needed for each rink.

8.   A box with score cards and pens will be available.

9.   The No 2s will be responsible for the score card. 
Following the draw, they will write out the players names ( i.e
Christian name + initial of Surname )

10. Before games commence, players will return the draw fobs to the box.

11. The Triples matches will be of 10 ends (weather & light permitting).

12. The away team will have the Mat for the first end.

13. For the first end only - only ONE SHOT will count.

14. At the end of the match Scorecards & pens should be placed in the box by the No 2s.

15. The Fearnley Cup  competition will be run across the season,

                           27th April -  14th September 2018

16.To qualify for the Fearnley , players must have competed in more than half the games     e.g  11 out of 21 if all weeks are played.

17.   6 points for a win will be awarded to each team member

       4 points for a draw will be awarded to each team member

        0 points for a loss will be awarded to each team member

18.At the end of the season, the total number of points recorded against each name will be added up and divided by the number of matches played, to give an average point score. The highest average will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the 'ends won' will be used.

PLEASE NOTE :  Even if you are unable to play a full part of this
season-long competition, then you are still welcome and encouraged to come and play in these Triples whenever you are available.

After the games it is hoped that all players will stay to socialise over a drink, and take up the hot food that we hope will generally be available.