The Committee, comprising Officials and members, was elected at the  AGM in November 2016, to serve for the 2016-2017 season as follows; 

President    -  Stafford Burbridge

Chairman - Anne Darbourne

Vice-Chairman  - Bob Baker

Club Secretary  -   Tim Baldwin *

Club Treasurer  -  Maureen Burbridge 

 Club Captain - Mike Alderton
Vice Captain - John Anderson
Vice Captain - Ladies - Liz Baldwin
Vice Captain - Mid week  - Tim Baldwin*
Fixtures Secretary -  Pat McKay 
Social Secretary -  Vacant
 Full Committee Members -   Roger Darbourne &  Colin Richards


*  In the absence of candidates for election as Secretary , Tim Baldwin was co-opted by the committee & ratified at the AGM.

The committee has also ratified the following roles within the Club ; 

Greenkeeper  -    Roger Darbourne

Health & Safety -  Tony Batkins

Safeguarding Officer (formerly referred as Welfare of Children & Vulnerable Adults)  - George Ivey

Catering and Food Hygene - Maureen Harding

 The Competitions organisers will be ratified at the next Committee meeting in the New Year

Coaches ;   Senior Coach is George Ivey, and the following members hold Coaching certificates ;

Mike Alderton, John Anderson, Pam Anderson,  

                                                                   Dave Harding & Candi Ivey.

 Ladies' & Men's County Delegates - 

There is no longer a need to name delegates. Any member can be authorised to attend and vote.
The Club Secretary will ensure that someone attends as  necessary

Constitution : 

The Club Constitution is available to all members on application to the Secretary. Otherwise, the link below will access a copy of the  version following the 2016 AGM. November 2016.pdf