This page  contains information Links  on the Chiltern Tourers, who have visited Spain and Portugal in recent years, taking up the touring role following the demise of Broomwade BC, and the arrival at Chalfont of a significant number of their players, including their Tour Organiser, Allan Rumble.  Whilst not strictly a CSG operation, this is the only home they have for such a report !! 

In 2015, the Tourers visited Spain, and the report of their exploits can be found on this link ; Tourers Spain 2015.pdf

In 2016, they visited Portugal, and the report on their Algarve trip can be found on this link Tourers in Portugal 2016.pdf

 In 2017, they returned to Spain, in the Benidorm area, and a report on their experiences can be found below ;  It is in two parts to remove as glitch in the pdf process. T 2017 SPAIN pt 1.pdf T 2017 SPAIN pt 2.pdf