This page will include future Social Events, and reports on their outcome.

SOCIAL EVENTS  ; Winter 2019 ;

Saturday 12th October saw the second weekend of Carpet Bowls. Word is out on the street that it's a great game as 14 expectant players arrived to have a go (or was it to eat the doughnuts!!)

After much excitement at the beginning, all players settled to concentrate on the games - now taking place on two rinks in the club house. Much laughter and banter could be heard as the rules seem to be nothing like those followed in short mat bowls or lawn bowls!! 2 hours later saw a winning team - but we won't let on as to who they were!

The next 'Carpet Bowls Meet' will take place on Tuesday 15th October - 6 p.m. start and the cost will be £2.50 which will include pizza / tea / biscuits. If you fancy an alcoholic drink, it's "bring your own".

The next Saturday meeting will be 1030 on the 19th and will only cost £2.00 which includes the game, tea/coffee/biscuits.

Do come along and have a try. If worried about walking across the field let Michael Wise know and we can arrange for transport from the gate to the clubhouse.


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CARPET BOWLS ; As a new initiative to use the clubhouse through the winter a short mat layout has been set up in the clubhouse, and a trial this Saturday has shown it to both viable and FUN. Further trial runs are planned on Tuesday 8th at 18.00 and next Saturday 12th at 10.30. No equipment is needed, just 'come as you are' and T & B will be available initially, whilst we gauge interest, and maybe develop refreshments and parallel activities in due course. If you are interested in coming down, please contact Mike or Gill Wise (07887983477) for more info and to allow planning for numbers.