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 The following section was taken from the current news over the winter of 2018-19 , and archived on May 7th  2019

100 Club ; The winners in the March draw were as follows

£25 Billie Dumbleton

£15 Bill Paterson

£10 James Batkins

RESULT ; The final match of our Indoor season was played at Herts IBC on Sunday, in a contest of five Triples. Following our encouraging improvement against them in the Rinks match in February, it is pleasing to report a further closing of the gap, despite a 76-93 result. We won two , lost one by a single shot, but lost the other two games fairly convincingly to concede the match. Top Rink was Linda James, John Pink and Captain John Anderson (18-11), and it was a fitting finale to our best indoor season ….. ever ?

The draft fixture list for the 2019 season is now available on this site, ahead of the issue of formal cards to new members after the March sign-up.

100 Club ; February Draw

The winners this month are as follows ; Colin Richards (£25), Anne Pendse (£15) and Hubert Cox (£10)

RESULT ; We visited Herts Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday 23rd Feb for the first of our two planned matches, this being an evening game of four rinks. Unfortunately, our winning 'run' came to an end, but we gave a good account, and although losing on all rinks, Denise Rogers' team only lost on the last end, John Anderson's team were always close, and Tim Baldwin's team won the last 5 ends to save themselves from a poor start. Good signs, despite a 50-72 overall scoreline.

RESULT ; More GREAT NEWS ; Keep the bunting up for another week, as after waiting for an indoor win for what seemed forever, two come along within a week!. We visited Handy Cross on Sunday , and at half way there were only two shots in it ! At the end, with two rinks winning, against two losses, it was still very close. Top Rink was Rose Kirby, Pat MacKay and Liz & Tim Baldwin (still smarting from last weeks bottom rink!) by 27-8, which, aided by John Anderson's Team's narrower win 16-12, gave us an overall win by 61 - 58. Another fine Team Effort. Bring on Herts * next week.


When members are next asked " when did Chalfont last win an indoor match?", you will no longer have to say " ...not within living memory ". On Saturday we played away at Foxhill IBC and achieved a memorable victory.!

We went into an early lead but were pegged back to 40-40 at tea time, and it was then 'nip and tuck' all the way to the end.

All five triples can be congratulated, particularly those members who do not play regularly indoors. Top rink went to Pam Anderson with Denise Rogers & John Pink (29-7) and Mike Alderton's team won their triple including a three on the final end.

Even Dave Harding, Pat McKay & Tim Baldwin who were on the wrong end of a 6-30 thrashing, managed a one-shot win on their final end to set up Mike Moir, Hazel Baker & Liz Baldwin, who were running a bit behind the other games, with the score level 81-81 and their final two ends to finish.

With all eyes on them , they got a single shot on each end, to give us a win by 83-81. Well done Captain John Anderson, & everyone in the team, and bring on Handy Cross next week !

100 Club ; The draw for January has thrown up the following winners;

£25 Chris Pound £15 Maureen Burbridge £10 Billie Dumbleton

Handy Cross Shield ; Latest News ; The quarter-final against Marlow on Sunday afternoon was a competitive match, but unfortunately we lost on all triples, (10-14, 10-16 and 7 - 21) though two of the three were close fought to the end, when risks had to be taken, which distorted the score. Thanks to Mike Alderton for stepping in at the last minute, and Janice - get well soon ! The format next year could be changing to a First & Second Division, each with 5 teams, and Promotion/Relegation at the end of each year, but it remans to be seen which division we will start in next season.

The full status is on the following link ; Results to 21st Jan.pdf

Short Mat.

The group of members who also enjoy our weekly short mat evenings in the Memorial Hall, celebrated the last session before Christmas in fine style, with an abundance of Elves, Santas and Reindeer bursting out all over ! The wine and mince pies added to the fun, and we all look forward to the re-start in the New year. Any members wishing to join us, just contact any of the culprits in the following photos, and they will fill you in with the details.

…………………………..…. not to forget the photographer!.

Committee Notice ;

It was agreed at the last Committee Meeting to co-opt Tim Baldwin on to the Committee as Vice Chairman, if he was agreeable. This has now been implemented with Tim B's agreement.

A date for your diaries ;

The 2019 pre-season meeting will be held on Sunday March 24th - more details and info in due course.

 The following section was taken from the current news over the winter of 2018-19 , and archived on March 9th 2019

Handy Cross Shield

The final games in the 'Round Robin' stages were played out on Jan 5th, with Chalfont taking on Flackwell Heath to earn a place in the last 8. This was duly accomplished with a Win by two triples to one, and by 45-26 overall. Top Rink was Janice Batkins with Tim & Liz Baldwin (18-6) but the most important aspect was that we earned points to put us in the middle of the pack, hopefully avoiding the top teams in the quarter-finals. We now know who that will be - Marlow on Sunday 20th Jan.

For full details of the results so far - follow this link ; Results to 5th Jan.pdf

Handy Cross Shield ; The final 'round robin' game in the 2018-19 Handy Cross Shield is to be played against Flackwell Heath on Jan 5th. The current Points Status, and the Chalfont team are posted on the 'Indoor Games' tab of this website, and on the following links ; Results to 19th Dec.pdf v Flackwell Heath.pdf

NOTE ; The team pick as above, and hopefully in the future, will be found as a link on the relevant page, rather than on a further drop-down page as previously . Hopefully this will be easier to use, but if there are any issues, please contact Tim B …..

Bournemouth 2018 ; A short report on the happenings in Bournemouth when a group from the club hade their annual trip , can be found on the following link ; 2018.pdf

A Catch-up on the 100 Club winners in the last three months ; Remember to renew your membership if you haven't already done so, so be eligible for the January 2019 Draw !

In October, the winners were George Ivey, Margaret Timberlake and Alan Williams

In November, they were Bill Paterson, Alexander Batkins and Allan Rumble

In December, they were Ethan Odian, Lucan Odian and Staff Burbridge .

Apologies for the delay in adding any latest news to the website during TB's holiday.

The AGM has come and gone and The Presentation Dinner-dance was held on Friday 23rd at Oaklands Park Golf Club and was well attended by most members.

The Annual Christmas Card exchange and Social morning was held on Saturday December 8th and a good turnout enjoyed a final chance of the year to wish everyone a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and count down to another SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR !!

REMINDER; The next winter social will then be on 16th January, (on the third Wednesday as usual). Shirley Taylor is again running these Games and Lunch Days from 10.30am to around 3.00pm. Lunch (soup, bread, pudding) and tea/coffee are included in the £3 fee, and this year we have the added attraction of a pools table which converts to a table-tennis table, as well as the usual array of games.

Everyone is Welcome !

The current situation following Handy Cross Shield games up to 28th Nov (details below) can be followed up on this link. Results to 28 Nov.pdf

RESULT ; On Sunday, we played the first game in this year's Handy Cross Shield. This is a competition between outdoor clubs who have members at HX, but we can play any of our outdoor players. Our first game was against the 'Handy Cross' home team made up of players not affiliated to any of the other 7 clubs involved. This group has won the competition 6 times in the last 8 years, so we knew we were up against it! In the event we gave them a good game, winning one triple (Rose, Liz & Tim) and coming close in a second (hard luck to Bobbie, Rob and Tony B). Thanks also to Linda, Colin & Mike A who completed our team, and we look forward to the second game in the 'round robin' stage in January.

The following section was taken from the 2018 Summer News and Archived on 10th December  2018

REMINDER ; Remember the first winter social event this Wednesday, the 17th. Shirley Taylor is again running the Games and Lunch Days on the third Wednesday of each month from 10.30am to around 3.00pm. Lunch (soup, bread, pudding) and tea/coffee are included in the £3 fee, and this year we have the added attraction of a pools table which converts to a table-tennis table, as well as the usual array of games. Everyone is Welcome !

NOTICE ; Over recent weeks, Entry forms have been posted in the clubhouse for the 2019 County competitions in the various singles, pairs, triples etc , (with little response) and now we also have entry forms for the National Competitions, including the Top Club category. Historically we have entered Top Club , but left it to individuals to apply for the other individual events. Please consider these now, if you are interested. If any members wish to receive further details of any of these competitions, please see Tim Baldwin a.s.a.p.

RESULT ; The first Indoor game of the winter season was played at Handy Cross on Sunday 7th, and although the result was a predictable, (we lost !) the margin was respectable (62 - 84), and many of our players found improvement as the games went on, and we had one winning rink with Rose Kirby, Linda James, Liz Baldwin & Tim Baldwin, 25-18.

FINAL RESULT (for the summer season) ; Our last gamer was played away at Hazells, and a fine sunny day provided a fitting conclusion to a good season's bowling. The match was played in good spirit all round, and some close games were reflected in the final score of 104 - 104 !! It is worth noting that the last bowl of the last rink to finish was an end-winning play by Allan Rumble, to overturn a two-shot position for Hazells into a one shot end-win and grab the overall draw. However we 'won' the raffle with four prizes to their two, so we can record it as a successful afternoon!. We had a Top Rink with Graham Buchanan, Chris Pound and Hazell Baker.

100 Club ; The Winners in the September Draw, were as follows

£25 ; Sylvia Webb, £15 Rachel Gelder, £10 Melanie Burbridge

Apologies for the delay last week , (particularly to those keen to see their names 'in lights' for the last time this season) but here are the results from the last week...

RESULT; On Thursday 27th we played our last home game of the season against Kitcheners B C and ended on a high note with a comfortable win by 90 shots to 63. Top Rink was Denise Rogers, Anne Darbourne and Mike Alderton, (22-8).

Captain's v President's ; On Sunday the club held this annual internal match, which on this occasion was won by the Captain's team by 76-50. The Captain's 'Top Rink' was provided by the pair of Sue Patey and John Pink (26-7) and the President's Top Team was Graham Buchanan, Pat McKay and Allan Rumble. (17-12).

RESULT: The match on Friday at Home against Pinner was a very close contest in shots but we lost by 79 to 82. We had a top triple of Denise Rogers, Denise Williams and Mike Alderton who won by 26 to 11. It was a very windy afternoon and the weather was changeable, being warm and sunny, then cold at times.

CANCELLATION: The match against Chesham Ladies has been Cancelled as they cannot get a team together.

CANCELLATION: The match against Herts on the 22nd Sept has been cancelled to lack of players on our side. Sorry to the ones who put their names down but we did not have enough for even 3 triples.

RESULT ; On Wednesday we played Tring at home, on a blustery day when the wind had to be taken into account, and following overnight rain, the mats needed to go down to make it even more interesting. Nevertheless we managed to win on four of the five rinks, and achieve a good win overall ( 92 - 71). Top Rink* was Denise Rogers, Bob Baker and Bryan Hedley by 27 to 11. *This has been corrected from our original report, to amend an oversight in the scores, and not wishing to cause a Baker family squabble.!

SHORT MAT ; The short-mat evenings in the Memorial Hall commence on Friday October 5th (6.45 for 7.00 start). If you haven't tried it before, come along and have a go

RESULT: On Sunday we played a friendly Away to Cippenham and it was a very good warm and sunny afternoon. We did not manage to beat them on their own ground but we did have a top triple of Gill Wise, Roger Darbourne and Bob Baker who won by 18 to 11. We had also a second winning triple who won on the last shot on the 18th end by 15 - 14 and this was after pulling back from a deficit most of the way and this was John Pink, Anne Darbourne and Nick Nicholls. The final score was 71 to 86.

NOTICE ; Both Teams for the friendlies against Tring and Pinner on the 19th & 21st respectfull,y have now been selected and posted.

Fearnley Cup ; The Final Friday Night roll-up took place on Friday 14th, allowing organiser Graham Buchanan to assess the members who had bowled often enough to qualify for the Fearnley Cup (24 of them) and then to count their percentage level of success against a score of 6 for a win. Third with an average of 4.5 was last years winner, Robert Yalden, and second with 4.6 was Candi Ivey.

But the clear winner with an average of 5.0 was Chris Moir. Well done Chris !

Thanks also to Graham for organising, and for the 'Hot Potato Ladies' (Maureen. Liz & Lyn) for the regular weekly sustenance.

Correction ; A small amendment needed to the summary from Finals weekend, in that Hazel didn't defend all her titles successfully, but with Mike Alderton, exchanged the Roff Mixed Pairs (2017) for the Aussie Mixed pairs, the Clare Cup, this year. Both mixed pairs..... easy mistake to make ! Sorry Hazel.

RESULT ; After the peak of Finals weekend, it was back to the inter-club friendlies on Thursday, with a reduced game away against Croxley Guild. Three triples managed a comfortable win, 65-29, with a good contribution from our top Rink, Linda James, Bob Baker and Dave Harding (23-9).

Postponement ; Unfortunately the Ladies game against Chesham on Wednesday 12th had to be curtailed and re-scheduled for Sept 25th, due to difficulties with the fertilizer on the green, which appeared to be affecting the bowls and the players. Apologies to all concerned, but a new sign-up sheet will be in the clubhouse, and hopefully the game will take place on this new date.

RESULT: We had a nice friendly win today, Tuesday 11th, at home against Stoke Poges by 70 shots to 24. Our top winning triple was Graham Buchanan, Mike Moir and Anne Darbourne who won by 29 shots to 3.

CANCELLATION: The match against Rosedale planned for September 20th has been cancelled due to a lack of players.

FINALS; Full Results and Photos can be found on the Competitions Page. The following reports have been re-sequenced as one report, Friday to Sunday.

Finals weekend got off to a quiet start on Friday afternoon, with the two-wood (Jim West)competition, with Hazel Baker defending her 2017 title against John Pink. Hazel raced into an 8-2 lead , only to pegged back to 11-10 after 14 ends. Unfortunately John then ran out of steam, and only managed a single further shot, allowing Hazel to retain the trophy 21-11.

The other Friday match was the mixed triples,(Souster)with Hazel and her team of Linda James and Morgan Kavanagh again defending the title from 2107. A similar pattern emerged, with the holders moving into an early lead of 13-3, and then 24-7 before Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Barry Mills got going. Barry and his team then won the last 5 ends to a thrilling climax, just falling short by 22-24 at the end.

There were three finals on Saturday morning, the first being the (Cox) Novices singles, with John Pink taking on Henry Bell and his extension arm. The early ends were balanced at 4-4, when John got into his stride and moved ahead to a comfortable 21-7 conclusion. Well done to JP for his first singles title after a number of previous final appearances .

The Men's championship, the Saab, has been won by Mike Alderton for 5 of the last 6 years, and this year saw him extend this run with another victory, this year over Bob Baker. The writing was on the wall early, and Mike steadily increased his hold on the trophy, to win by 21-7 at the end.

Meanwhile the Weatherly Club Championship was a much closer contest between Hazel Baker and Tim Baldwin. Whilst the green proved challenging to both players, early exchanges were finely balanced to 8-8 after 9 ends. Then Hazel managed a 1 and a 4, only to be held on 13 for a few ends whilst Tim came back again. After 24 ends it was 18-18 and anyone's game. 'Anyone' proved to be Hazel again, in yet another successful defence of a trophy she first won in 2017..

Saturday afternoon started with the Roff mixed pairs. This was contested by Maureen Harding and Rob Kirby who have paired up in the competition for a few years (without success), against a new partnership of Sue Patey and Bryan Hedley. There was never many shots in it and with three ends to go it was 16-15 to Mo & Rob. Unfortunately for Sue and Bryan , that was as close as they got, with Mo & Rob winning the last three ends and 22-15 overall.

Being played out at the same time, was the men's Pairs (The Wellings) between Mike Alderton and grandson Morgan Kavanagh, against Robin Newman and Joe Jaquest. The early ends were shared 4 shots apiece, and it had all the making of close contest. However despite Joe going ahead to 10-5, he and Robin then got stuck on 10 whilst Mike went up to 14 and then to 20-11. At the close, Mike & Morgan won 25-13 when their opponents conceded after 20 ends.

The afternoon was rounded off with Hazel Baker joining Chris Pound and Linda James (substituting for the injured Maureen Burbridge), in the Ladies Triples, against Liz Baldwin with Denise Williams and Christine Moir. After a slow start, Liz and her team managed a 6 to even things up, and then moved into a 10-9 lead. After that it was nip and tuck to a nail-biting conclusion with a measure on the final end to give Hazel and team a win by a single shot, 18-17.

The Sunday morning session involved the Ladies in their Singles and Pairs Trophies. In the Rosella Ladies Singles, Hazel Baker was against Anne Darbourne, and despite a late Rally by Anne, Hazel retained her title from 2017.

In the pairs, Maureen Harding and Sue Patey went ahead of Chris Moir with Maggie Pipe in the early stages, and held on to win fairly comfortably.

In the afternoon the Men's triples involved Tim Baldwin with Bill Patterson and Hubert Cox, against Rob Kirby with Bill Pipe and Nick Nicholls. The first half was nip and tuck, but Rob's team inched ahead after the 12th end, and despite a late rally by Tim's team, emerged worthy winners by 20 - 14.

The 'final Final' was the Australian Pairs between Hazel Baker and Mike Alderton against John Pink and Denise Rogers. Hazel & Mike, fresh from their singles wins, were clearly to be considered likely favorites, but John and Denise moved ahead early. They held a lead throughout until their two shot lead going into the final end was trumped by a three shot win to give Hazel and Mike a one-shot victory.

This concluded the programme, with Hazel managing to retain all 6 of her 2017 Titles, though some were by by the barest margin. Well Done !, and borrowing a phrase from 'Eggheads' … "she reigns over bowls land.... who can beat her ??"

RESULT; Our second friendly of the week was away to Bassetsbury Manor, where three triples had a close game, but unfortunately we came second again, this time by only 4 shots, 44 - 48. Again we had one winning rink with Graham Buchanan, Rob Kirby and Nick Nicholls.

RESULT ; Our first friendly of the week was at home against Court Park, where we came second by 58 - 76, but we did have one winning rink, Roger Darbourne, Chris Pound and Bernard Bailey (18-15).

Dates for your Diaries ;

INDOOR 2018-19 Handy Cross Shield. The following links (also on the Tab for Indoor games) give details of the schedule and rules for this competition at Handy Cross IBC for the coming season. These fixtures are NOT on your fixture card. This will be particularly useful for members who plan to play indoors at HX, but the CSG team selection is not restricted to HX members. fixtures.pdf shield rules 2018.pdf

RESULT ; On Sunday we visited Aston Clinton BC to play a friendly game. The home match had been cancelled due to a downpour back at the end of May, but this time the sun was bright and it was a lovely warm afternoon. Last year we narrowly beat A C both home and away, , but this year it was their turn. All five triples were won by clear margins, two to us, but three to them, and they emerged winners by 93-79. Our Top Rink was Hubert Cox, Nick Nicholls and Candi Ivey (23-12), but well done to both our winners, ( that means also to Pat Mckay Bob Baker & Rob Kirby).

COMPETITIONS; All Semi-finals, (with the exception of one singles game) have now been completed, so the line up for the weekend of Sept 7-8-9 is now known. Refer to the 'Competitions' tab on this website for all the details .

The situation with multiple finalists indicate that the afternoon of Friday 7th WILL be needed, and the schedule for the three days will be advertised shortly.

RESULT ; On Thursday our Ladies visited Flackwell Heath for a 3 triple friendly, and had a very pleasant afternoon, coming out ahead on two out of three, for an overall win by 51-39 , helped along by our Top Rink of Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Candi Ivey (24-8). That just leaves one more Ladies game (against Chesham) in September.

Three Counties League.

There is 1 game to go but there is a winner in our division (League A) as on the following links. You will see that Amersham overtook us with 12 points in their last game, and Wexham threaten to do the same if they beat Flackwell on Sept 3rd. ("Come on Flackwell"!!).

Congratulations to High Wycombe B.C. who won our division and Court Park B.C. who won the other division, and they will contest the final on Sunday 16th September 2pm at High Wycombe. Fixtures 29 Aug.pdf Table 29 Aug.pdf

Cancellation ; Unfortunately Glory Mill cannot raise a team for Saturday, so this match has been cancelled...… just have to go to the village Show instead !!

Jubilee Cup ; On Bank Holiday Monday we played the Drawn Pairs competition for the Jubilee Cup. On a dry but overcast day, the green was arranged for 8 rinks to allow 32 players to play 3 sessions of 8 ends with a Final between the top two. The sessions were hard fought, and three teams emerged within a point of each other, but on shot difference, Roger Darbourne and Chris Moir were joined by Bill Pipe and Hazel Baker in a 6-end Final. Another close game was won by Bill & Hazel, and the Cup presented by President Staff Burbridge. Another successful occasion, with thanks to Maureen Burbridge and her many helpers, who all enjoyed a BBQ Burger and Bangers to end the day, together with other players, members and Guests from the Parish council.

RESULT ; On Sunday, we played the quarterfinal of the Chiltern& Thames League, against Harefield Hospital, at the neutral green of Court Park. The Court Park green was disappointingly scarred from over-enthusiastic cutting, but fast as a result. Rain was forecast, but in the early stages we held our own, recovering from 0-6 to 7-8 after 3. After 10 we were leading on two out of three triples, and only 24-26 down. However by then the rain had turned heavy, and fortunes began to change. Our two leading rinks slipped back, (both figuratively, and in some cases in the rain - literally!) but the third team began a recovery, and was only one shot down when the game was halted by agreement after about 14 ends, with Harefield the winners at an overall score of 33 - 44. Well done to all concerned, and good luck to Harefield in the Semi-final.

CANCELLATION ; Unfortunately the friendly game against Berkhamsted has been called off, through lack of support. Apologies to the few who signed up for this game.

Amersham Ladies Gala ; Two Chalfont St Giles teams attended this event on Friday. Chris Moir, Gill Wise and Candi Ivey were joint top with 33 points but lost out on the top spot to Wexham by shot difference. The other team of Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Pam Anderson lost out on the prize money by coming 4th, with 29 points, but beaten again on shot difference to Chess Vale. A good effort ladies !

RESULT: On Saturday we played our annual match against the Bucks VPs on our ground and the weather stayed fine for us, sunny periods and not too cold. We had a nice friendly game and the score reflected the play. We drew on 3 triples and won on 2. The total score was a win by 96 to 81 and our highest triple was Maggie Pipe, Roy Pound and Colin Richards by 20 to 8. The meal was enjoyed by all.

RESULT ; It hardly seems any time since played Wexham away in the Three Counties, and on Thursday, there we were again , playing them again in a friendly.

Four triples had an enjoyable battle, with Wexham fielding two players in their first match, but at half way the game was tied 33-33, and two games apiece. However after initially slipping 6 shots behind, the laggards rallied towards the end, and those ahead maintained their leads, eventually getting three wins to one, and a victory by 68-61 overall. Well done all, especially to Top Rink of Graham Buchanan, Bob Baker and Anne Darbourne (19-12).

Another Date for Your Diary ; The annual Awards Dinner will be on Friday 23rd November, at the new venue of Oaklands Golf Club. There were a few issues with the food at Harewood Downs, but the food at Oaklands is said is to be excellent, so we hope you will all give it a try.. More details soon.

RESULT : On Tuesday we had a further friendly match, this time against Stoke Poges on their green. The Captain's rink was a really close affair, ending 14-14, but fortunately the other two triples won comfortably to gain a win by 61 - 30. Top Chalfont Rink was Sue Patey, Michael Facey and Nick Nicholls (28-7). We play SP again in September when they will have a chance to rectify matters on our green, but the main target is to have another fun- and sun-filled afternoon.

Bank Holiday Monday ; Jubilee Cup ; The 'Three x 8 ends' Schedule will start at 11.00 There will be 8 rinks to accommodate all those who put their names down. The pairings will have been made, but allow plenty of time to sort yourselves out.

The session 2 will be at 12.15, and after a break for a bring-your-own lunch, the third session will be followed by Tea with Cakes whilst the Top Two teams prepare for a 6-end FINAL at about 15.30, to be followed by a BBQ. Players and Supporters all welcome !!

Chiltern & Thames Quarterfinals ; Our Opponents have been identified as Harefield Hospital, and we play them on the Neutral Green of Court Park Bowling Club , on Sunday 26th at 10.00. The team has been posted on the appropriate page of this website, and all supporters will be welcome on the day.

Wexham ; 23rd Aug ; Apologies for the late selection, but the game against Wexham this Thursday is now on the 'Mid-week Matches' tab. All those who signed up are playing. "Thank you" to those who were persuaded to complete the team yesterday.

100 Club ; The August Draw resulted in the following winners ;

£25 Mick Lane, £15 Rose Kirby, £10 Margaret Timberlake

RESULT ; On Monday afternoon we played a friendly against Harrow B C in pleasant sunshine despite the odd threat of a shower that never really arrived. After a hiccup due to misunderstanding on numbers, we rapidly re-organised our members, (thanks to those who stood down or played half-each, and apologies for ending up with one all-men team, and one all-lady) and played four triples. There were some very tight heads, ( and some very loose one ! ) and overall it was very competitive, but we inched ahead to win three out of four, losing the fourth by a single deciding shot on the last bowl of the game. Overall shots were 77-56, and Top Rink was Mike Moir , Hubert Cox and George Ivey. (25-15)

RESULT: We played a friendly match at Home against Desborough on Sunday and although in the first half of the match we were just ahead, the opponents found the green better than us after tea and won on 3 rinks out of 5. The total score was 76 to 80 and our highest winning rink was Callum Kavanagh, Candi Ivey and Rob Kirby who won by 25 to 8. The match was played in good spirit and the weather was sunny and warm.

RESULT ; In the last Three Counties match of our season, we visited Bassetsbury Manor, and enjoyed a fine tussle as they sought to redress the win that we had achieved at home. At half way there was little in it, but after tea, the match swung their way, leaving us a solitary victory and 2 pts to their 10. Our sole winners and Top Rink, was Dave Harding, Linda James and Liz & Tim Baldwin (19-18) and the overall score was 82 - 110. A disappointing second half to a league that we were winning at half way, but the fixture imbalance that saw us play away over the last 6 matches, took its toll.


RESULT ; On Tuesday we visited Pinner Bowls Club for the away leg of our friendly matches. Last year we narrowly lost this fixture, and the home match was abandoned in the rain, so there was no real track record to indicate how this year would go. Pinner have an 'interesting' green, and after this years hot weather has created patches of faster surface, it was even more 'interesting' ! The match was moving in Pinner's favour at half time, and the tea interval didn't help us as we continued to lose on all rinks afterwards … except on one, and well done to Callum Kavanagh, Graham Buchanan and Mike Alderton, who drew their game 18-18. Otherwise the overall score was 58 - 101, and we lick our wounds and look to the return in September.

RESULT ; On Monday 13th August, we started the week with a Ladies friendly match away to Chesham. Three triples played an enjoyable game on a fine sunny afternoon and although we lost on two of them (albeit one was by a single shot) the third game was a solid win, carrying the shots to give us an overall win by 56 - 45. The Top Rink was Maggie Pipe, Margaret Timberlake and Liz Baldwin (28-10).

RESULT ; On Sunday it was time for another Three Counties game, and after a couple of disappointing results, it was time for a change ! The game was away at Wexham, and played under gathering clouds which never quite managed to rain on us. At half time the match was finely poised, though our Top Rink of Rob Kirby, Candi Ivey, Maggie Pipe and Mike Moir were never in danger, going on to win 34-9. The other games ebbed and flowed, but eventually all four got over the line ahead, two of them by just a single shot, to claim a win by 122-70 and all 12 league points.

Obituaries; Details received from BBA, of the recent passing of members from adjacent clubs, can be found under County News ; Ann Tift of Leighton Buzzard, Bill Holden of Denham, Ken Johnson of Cippenham and Robbie Williams of Chesham.

APPEAL ; The 3 x 3 match against the Chesham Pioneers was postponed from the date in the card, to next week on 15th August at 10.00 am. Unfortunately Maureen B's indisposition has lead to an oversight in being late to put up a team sheet for this re-arranged game. It would be a shame to let down our sight-impaired opposition, so anyone prepared to step in to help, please contact John Anderson a.s.a.p. This game is usually restricted to about 12 ends, so will probably take less than 2 hours.

RESULT: We played Flackwell Heath at their ground on Thursday. Unfortunately we only won on 2 rinks out of the 5, and were reduced to 3 players on one rink due to one no-show which lost us 25% of that score. That rink was one of the two to win, but the other was our *Top Rink , comprising Roger Darbourne, Margaret Timberlake, and Bob & Hazel Baker (38-7). The overall result was a narrow defeat 91 to 94 which regrettably cost us the final 2 points so the overall score was a loss by 4 points to 8. The ground was very heavy and spongy to play on, which our opponents found easier than we did. *Apologies to our Top Rink, missed in the first report of this game.

NOTICE: Unfortunately this week has been affected by a trio of Cancellations ! The match on Monday against Gerrards Cross was cancelled due to the excessive heat forecast, as was the Tuesday Ladies game against Windsor Great Park. Possible re-arrangement dates are in the hands of the fixtures Secretary. The Saturday game against Rickmansworth on Sat 11th August has also been cancelled due to lack of support by our members.

RESULT: On Sunday we played another Away match against High Wycombe in the 3 Counties league but unfortunately we lost on all rinks after some close games on 2 of the rinks. The green played well and our hosts took advantage of their local knowledge.

RESULT: On Saturday we played a friendly match against Princes Risborough Away and we managed to win 3 triples out of 4 with a match score of 78 to 65. We had a Top Rink of Chris Pound, Mike Wise and George Ivey winning by 25 - 14, It was a hot muggy afternoon but the players carried on to the end.

BURNHAM PLATE; After the re-arrangement to a Home Fixture, thanks to all the supporters who came to see the Quarter-final against Loudwater on Saturday morning

However.....Hard Luck Ladies! after a very close game with never more than a few shots in it, we went into the last end one shot adrift, and so nearly 'nicked it', but eventually lost by 16 shots to 18. Good luck to Loudwater in the Semi-final.

High Wycombe Gala ; Two teams of members played at high Wycombe on Friday, and one was victorious. Well done to Candi Ivey, Rose Kirby and Maureen Harding.

Jubilee Cup ; Further to the details posted earlier, this Bank Holiday competition will be followed by a free Barbecue for those taking part and other members supporting the event. Get your names down as soon as possible so we can see how many bangers & burgers we are going to need !

ADVANCE NOTICE ; The 2018 A.G.M will be on 3rd November, 10.00 for a 10.30 start, so please put this in your Diaries. The notice for committee nominations will be posted in due course, but if there are any motions or resolutions that members wish to see discussed, it is never too early to advise the Secretary accordingly.


Some damage is being found on the greens due to badly delivered bowls

ALL MEMBERS are responsible for putting down the protective mats at both ends, to limit this damage.

If you see damage occurring please suspend your game, advise the Captain if in a competitive match, and place mats before continuing.

A good green is Vital to the maintenance of the Club

REMINDER ; Friday night , 3rd August; For those who were not at last week's Friday roll-up and food , unfortunately NEXT WEEK will be a roll-up WITHOUT the Baked Potato options, as the Ladies are all separately unavailable. If any last-minute stand-ins come forward to fill the gap, we will advertise the change accordingly.

Ladies Invitation Gala ; On Tuesday afternoon, the annual gala entertained thirteen teams from the area, and despite one internal reserve team being needed to replace a late withdrawal, the event went smoothly as ever, with much help from our team in the kitchen and the set-up volunteers. The weather helped (not too hot and a nice breeze) and after a closely fought three sessions, the clear winners were one of two teams from Stoke Poges, with the runners up from Buckingham West End, one member of whom also won the Charity Spider ! Thanks again to all the organisers and helpers for another successful and popular day.

CANCELLATION ; After last week's cancellations due to Hot Weather (GX Ladies) and Wet Weather (Wendover friendly) the friendly against Eastcote on Thurs Aug 2nd, has been cancelled by them, due to a lack of players. Apologies to those concerned, but PLEASE, more names are needed for next weekend and Three Counties games in the immediate future, so it would be appreciated if those who have missed games can transfer their support to these important League fixtures.

Volunteers needed ! The Ladies' Gala is on Tuesday Afternoon, and volunteers are sought to put up the gazebos etc, from about 9 o'clock that morning, for no more than an hour. 'Fingers crossed' that the weather has returned to warm and sunny by then. There will also be a need to take them down again around 5 - 5.30. Please contact Roger Darbourne if you can help.

CANCELLATION ; Apologies to those concerned, but after a review of the weather forecast for the morning and early afternoon, the away friendly match against Wendover has been cancelled. A replacement date will be investigated with our hosts, possibly in September.

RESULT ; After the rain overnight to freshen the air, on Saturday we went to play our Three Counties game away at league leaders Harefield Hospital with hopes of repeating our home form against them. Alas, it was not to be. Whilst we were missing some of the members who played in our home victory, Harefield seemed to take full advantage of their home knowledge, and went into an early lead (it was 24 - 59 at half way) on four rinks, and despite a short rain-burst maintained the pressure throughout. Well done to Flora Alderton, Hubert Cox, Pam Anderson and Rob Kirby for securing Top Rink and 2 points, but overall we went down 61 - 125, with Harefield taking the remaining 10 points. Our run-in to the end of the season looks to be an uphill one !

RESULT ; On Thursday we had a friendly match against Wexham. On another 'scorcher', we abandoned trial ends to 'one shot on the first two ends', and reduced the match to first 15, but then 16 ends only. Our opponents had had a number of cancellations due to the heat, so were grateful that the game went ahead at all. At half time we were up in two triples (and down in the other two) but 8 shots up overall and the indications were good. But...………..

In the second half we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, losing two games by a single shot, and a third by rather more !. The fourth triple salvaged respect but were held to a draw, (all down to our opponents grabbing a final shot with the last delivery when we were holding 6 !) so Top Rink honours go to Rose Kirby, Liz Baldwin & Tim Baldwin , (12-12). The overall shot score was 43-58, but we look forward to a return game under less stressful circumstances.!

NOTICE ; As the players concerned should have already been advised, unfortunately the predicted hot weather on Wednesday has prompted the cancellation (hopefully only a postponement to a later date) of the ladies friendly match against Gerrards Cross.

Chiltern Tourers - Please note ; For those who went on this Spring's trip, and anyone else who is interested, there is now a copy of the photo taken of the touring party loaded onto the appropriate page of this website. Apologies for the delay in accessing this. Anyone interested in receiving an electronic copy, please contact Tim Baldwin .

RESULT ; Monday evening brought the final game in the divisional stage of the Chiltern & Thames League, at home against Marlow. Two of the Triples went ahead early and cemented our overall win, whilst the third had a close tussle, only emerging with a two shot win over the last few ends. So it was a 10 pts - 0 win, and by 75-37 overall, with Top Rink going to Hazel Baker, Bob Baker, and skip Lyn Carroll. This leaves us unbeaten, and probable Divisional winners, to play in the quarter-finals on Sunday August 26th (hopefully at Home). Well done to all team members so far.

RESULT ; On Sunday we played our Three Counties game away against Chess Vale. For most players this was the first time on their artificial carpet since the same time l;ast year, so it took a while for us to adjust. In that time Chessvale took a solid lead, and at half time were winning on all rinks and by 66 - 25 overall. However the second half was a different story and we held our own, adding 46 shots to our opponents 44 but this was not enough to avoid the inevitable defeat. (71 - 110) However we had one rink where the recovery was enough to secure the 2 points, and that was our Top Rink of Rose Kirby, Bill Pipe, Liz Baldwin & Tim Baldwin (23-17). Chess Vale took 10 pts to our 2.

RESULT: On Saturday we played a friendly match against Aylesbury Town away but were unable to field a full team and could only do 3 triples. The opposition proved too strong for us and we lost on all 3 triples. The score was 33 to 50. Well done to all who played for us.

Wendover Gala. Also on Tuesday (17th) some of the members formed two teams to play in the Wendover B C Ladies Gala. The team of Rose Kirby, Chris Moir and Hazel Baker won the event, and Margaret Timberlake, Chris Pound and Denise Williams managed third place, out of the twelve teams taking part. A note for any other members participating in Galas, please keep the website informed, and we will publicise your involvement, and hopefully, your success !

RESULT ; On Tuesday we played our return friendly against Ladygate Bowls Club. Our first encounter at home in May was a solid win for us, but today it was Ladygate's turn to dominate. After some effort to get a full match of five triples, the vibes were not good at half way, when we were down on all rinks, and by 20 - 60 overall !. We rallied in the second half, losing only another 10 shots across the match, but still ended up on the wrong end of a clean sweep, and by 59 - 109 overall. A pleasant (and not excessively hot ) afternoon in good company, and some members will meet again in the Club Galas over the next few weeks.

RESULT ; On Monday evening we visited Marlow, to play the away leg of our Chiltern and Thames League encounter. On a warm evening, but slow green, we started well, and only a Marlow recovery in one very tight triple prevented a clean sweep. Nevertheless we won on the other two rinks, and by 62 - 38 on shots to take the overall points, to achieve an 8 pts to 2 win, and remain unbeaten in the league this year. Top Chalfont Rink was Mike Alderton with Bob and Hazel Baker (25 - 6).

BUCKS PLATE ; The quarter-final match against Newport Pagnell was played on Sunday morning, in fine warm weather, and with supporters from both camps enjoying a good competitive game. Chalfont took good advantage of home knowledge and went into a 40-27 lead at half time, leading on three out of four triples. Unfortunately our opponents gradually got their line, and crept into a lead in the second half. At the end we were two matches each, but 63-71 down overall, to concede the game to Newport Pagnell, who we wish well in the semi-finals.

RESULT : On Saturday we played a friendly at home against Stoke Poges. and despite a Top Rink of Maggie Pipe, Mike Wise and Rob Kirby (18-13) and a draw on a second green, we lost the remaining games to go down by 74-80 overall.

CANCELLATIONS ; The game against Kitcheners B C next week has been cancelled through lack of support, and we will need to consider whether to continue with this fixture in future. Similarly, the TVL game against Egham has been forfeited due to a shortage of players willing to make this trip. and we are seriously considering withdrawal from this league next season. The forthcoming match against the Pioneers has also been postponed to August, due to a mix-up at their end, and further details will be posted in due course.

RESULT ; On Thursday we entertained Aylesbury Town to a friendly match of five triples, and after Mid-week Captain Maureen Burbridge added herself and Staff to the team at the last minute to rescue Captain-of-the-Day Dave Harding, and with a late ring-round to get Lyn Carroll to complete the team, the match went ahead. We managed to keep in front on all rinks for most of the time, and when the tightest team got a 3 to squeeze home by a shot, we achieved a clean-sweep, and by 105 - 59 overall. Top rink was Nick Nicholls, Robin Newman and Bryan Hedley (30-10).

NOTE ; for information on two recent obituary notices from Wendover BC, please refer to the County News Page of this website.

RESULT ; On Tuesday evening, Glory Mill returned to us, to play the second of our Chiltern & Thames matches. On the evening, we proved too good for them, winning on all three triples, and by 82 - 30 overall, taking all 10 points, and remaining unbeaten in this competition to date. Our Top Rink was Rose Kirby, Liz and Tim Baldwin (33-5). We go on to Marlow next week, who we believe are also unbeaten, which will prove interesting..... watch this space !

100 Club ; The winners for July in our monthly raffle, were drawn as follows ;

£25 George Ivey, £15 Bill Paterson, and £10 Alan Williams .

RESULT ; On Monday afternoon, there was a friendly Ladies game at home against Amersham, where we won on two out of the three triples, and comfortably overall (in the muggy heat??) , by 51 shots to 34, and with Top Chalfont Rink going to Flora Alderton, Chris Moir and Liz Baldwin (20 - 9)

THREE COUNTIES LEAGUE ; The current situation can be found on the following Links, but in Summary, Chalfont are leading the table at present, with a game in hand over second place Harefield Hospital. However we have played most of our home games, and the remaining fixtures are predominantly away, so we will need to keep going.....

Current Table ; July 8.pdf

Matches to date ; July 8 F.pdf

SOCIAL NEWS ; Bob Baker has circulated to all those involved, that the visit to the Crown Green Club at Henley in Arden is in danger of cancellation (postponement to next season) due to the extreme weather and its effect on the playability of their green. A final decision is anticipated shortly.

TRIPLES WEEKEND ; The men's and Ladies Triples competitions got off to a shaky start, with the games being brought forward to 12.00 to offset the worst of the afternoon heat, but after some unavoidable late arrivals, all scheduled games were played to a result. The Semi-finals then took place on Sunday (at 14.00 as advertised) and whilst the men had two close matches, the Ladies were more clear-cut and finished early, and the outcomes can now be found on the Competitions Tab of this website.

RESULT ; On Thursday evening, the Ladies played their last match in the Burnham Plate, at home to Iver Heath. The situation was that Cippenham appeared to have won the division, and we were in second place, a point ahead of Iver Heath, who could take second spot, and a quarterfinal place, with a win tonight. The resulting match was hard fought, and on the night we held off our opponents with an 18-18 draw, sharing the league points, and squeezing into the quarterfinals against the ladies from Loudwater who have won their division. This is a repeat of the quarter-final pairing last year, but this time we must visit Loudwater, where recent experience in the friendly match last week indicated a challenging green, (only partially starred by the BBA team) with little grass and much deterioration in the current weather...….. Good Luck Ladies !!

RESULT: The C & T match on Wednesday 4th July was at Home to High Wycombe and we were expecting a hard match but our opponents decided to put in a few newer bowlers and we had a comfortable win on all 3 rinks by 78 to 27 shots giving us the 10 points. Our top rink was Barry Mills, Liz Baldwin and Tim Baldwin by 31 - 8 shots.

RESULT ; The match on Tuesday evening was a Chiltern and Thames fixture away against Glory Mill. Their three-rink green is notoriously tricky, and in the current heatwave, there was very little green grass, and so it proved very fast as well. Two of our triples got the hang of the nuances in time to record wins, and Top Rink went to Rob Kirby , Dave Harding and late replacement Pam Anderson (20-8). With two ends to go, the shot difference was too close to call, but our third triple 'found it' eventually, to limit their loss and we secured an overall win by 53-44, gaining 8 league points to 2. Glory Mill come back to us next week and we look forward to it.

RESULT ; A new week and Monday brought another friendly, this time away to Loudwater. Many greens are suffering in the heat, and this was one of the most distressed we have seen. However we managed to control our woods (imagine short-mat with bumps!) and win on three of the four triples and by 74 - 59 overall. Our Top Rink was Robin Newman, Mike Moir and Bob Baker (22-11) and added thanks to Bob who was a late replacement.

RESULT ; On Sunday we played away to Rickmansworth British Legion, in a return friendly on yet another roasting afternoon, and on a badly 'roasted' green (brown?). However the banter was good, and the bowling enjoyable, if somewhat challenging, but we mastered the conditions and won on all four triples, and by 106 - 36 overall.

The Top Chalfont Rink was Graeme Richards, Gill Wise and Rob Kirby (37 - 11).

RESULT ; On Saturday we played our annual friendly against Windsor and Eton BC and this year the match was away. The weather continued to blaze away, and the 5-rink match was reduced from 21 to 18 ends, in deference to the heat. The match was closely contested throughout with never many shots in it, and in the end we won three rinks to Windsor's two, with Top Chalfont Rink going to Rose Kirby, Mike Moir, Liz Baldwin and Tim Baldwin (21-10). The overall score could not have been closer and we managed to win the match by ……….… a single shot 81-80. Phew !

NOTICE ; Bucks Plate ; Our quarter-final game against Newport Pagnell, is at home on 15th July at 10.00. For full details of the clubs and venues for the final stages, follow the attached link ; plate Stages.pdf

RESULT ; The matches keep coming, and on Thursday it was the ladies turn again in another round of the Trundell and Burnham Plate (BP). In the BP we were away to Cippenham, the current league leaders, who had beaten us at home last week. The game was an even tussle throughout and ended with 20 shots to 20, …a draw! (1 point each).

The Trundell was home & away against Gerrards Cross, who were looking to revenge their Top Club defeat, and unfortunately we were unable to raise our game again to match their determination, and we lost both home and away by convincing margins.

RESULT ; On Wednesday, the weather was no cooler, but in the friendly against Cippenham, we were not so hot! After some late changes in the line up, (thanks to Bob and Anne for stepping in at short notice) we managed one winning (and therefore Top ) Rink with Bob Baker, Bernard Bailey and Bryan Hedley (22-12) but struggled in the other three to go down 59 - 78 overall. We play Cippenham on a number of occasions and formats, so we need to up our game next time !

RESULT ; On Tuesday, and another scorching afternoon, we played the home leg of our Three Counties games against Amersham. Smarting from our defeat away last week, it was satisfying to turn the table and record four rink wins to one for our visitors, and an overall score of 118 - 86 to take a 10 points to 2 win. It was unfortunate that one of their players didn't show, and with no reserves, under the rules the affected rink, which happened to be the Captains, was forfeited to us. This game was still played 4 v 3 to achieve a shot difference for the overall score, and in the event, this was the closest fought of the five, with Amersham recording a hollow victory by a shot after the 25% reduction was applied (Complicated -isn't it!). Otherwise our Top Rink was Linda James, Bob Baker, Chris Moir and Tim Timberlake.

100 Club ; The winners in the June Draw were Mike Wise (£25), John Pink (£15) and Barry Dyer (£10). Remember you can always add to your 'investment' at any time, just see Rose Kirby.!

RESULT ; On Monday afternoon, on "the hottest day of the year so far "(BBC) we went to Gerrards Cross to play the first leg of the Broomwade Trophy, a friendly mixed triples arrangement between our two clubs. We managed to win on 4 and lose on 2 of the 6 triples, but this was only just enough to scrape a win by a single shot 100-99, to take into the deciding home leg in a few weeks time. The Chalfont 'Top Rink' was decided on ends-won, and awarded to Allan Rumble, Margaret Timberlake and Dave Harding, over Tim Baldwin, Chris Moir and Staff Burbridge, both with shot differences of +10.

RESULT: Our match on Sunday at Home was a 3 Counties contest against Bassetsbury Manor and I am pleased to say we won 3 out of 5 rinks and the score was 114 to 88 which gives us 8 points to 4. Our top rink was Chris Moir, Mike Moir, Roger Darbourne and Hazel Baker winning by 23 to 12. many thanks to Maggie Pipe for stepping in at the last moment and thanks to Bill Pipe for doing the bar for the first time.

PLEASE NOTE ; The friendly match against Gerrards Cross on Monday is at 2.00 NOT 2.,30 as erroneously stated on the team-pick notice on this website. Apologies, and hopefully all concerned will have noted my error !

RESULT ; On Saturday afternoon, we played a friendly away to Denham, in a 6 triple match. This was also a close affair, with each side winning on three rinks, but our hosts came out overall winners by 120 - 110. However, in addition to our Top Rink of Bobbie Richards, Bernard Bailey and Rob Kirby (22-12) we had TWO 'HOT SHOTS', (winning an end with all 9 bowls counting) with one from Mike Wise, Pam Anderson and Tim Baldwin, and another by Sue Patey, Colin Richards and Dave Harding. Well done everyone, and the certificates will be on their way shortly !

RESULT ; The Ladies Top Club adventure continued on Saturday morning, with the third round match against Tilehurst (Nr Reading) on a beautiful summers day that showed our club off well to our new visitors. The games started very evenly, predicting a close match, and so it proved. Unfortunately Hazel Baker lost the singles by a deciding final shot (20-21), and Anne Darbourne's four were similarly pipped by one shot (16-17). Lyn Carroll's triple held on for a win by 18-15, to remain unbeaten in their three-match run, but unfortunately the Pairs lost decisively, to allow our visitors to progress to the next round. A very creditable performance by all our players, and we wish Tilehurst well in their continuing run.

TRIPLES WEEKEND ; This is scheduled for July 7th & 8th and the draws have been published. All quarterfinals will be held on Saturday afternoon, along with the one Ladies Semi-final that requires no quarter-final involvement. Then on Sunday, the other three semi-finals will be played. Dress is Greys, and all matches will be at 14.00 (2 pm) and rinks will be drawn on the day.

RESULT: The 3 Counties game at Amersham was played on the 20th June and we lost by 88 to 96 shots, drawing on one rink and winning on one rink. The winning rink was Rose Kirby, Hubert Cox, Nick Nicholls and Mike Alderton by 19 - 17. Our return match is on the 26th June at Home when we hope to reverse the scores. We got 3 points to 9, which makes it very tight at the top of the table. (see links below)

Table to 19 June ; June 21.pdf

Results to 19 June ; June 21 A.pdf

NOTE ; Apologies for a lapse in some entries over the last few days due to the absence of your web-manager ; The results from the 3C at Amersham will be posted shortly. The teams for Gerrards Cross on Monday, and Cippenham on Wednesday are now posted on this website under the Midweek tab.

RESULTS ; The recent scores from the Trundell & Burnham Plate are now in, and unfortunately they record a dip in form, with a number of defeats. Last week the Trundell games were against Iver Heath, known to be strong, and the scores demonstrated this with 12-28 and 9-25 losses. This week the scores were better, but we still lost both Home and Away to Wexham, by 10-15 and 14-16 respectively. Let us hope that the Top Club game on Saturday brings better fortune. ALL members are invited to attend this morning game (from 10.00), to support our Ladies.

Meanwhile the Burnham Plate team lost last week to Cippenham 16-21, and this week to Denham, 15-17. However it must be borne in mind that both all our BP opponents (except Iver Heath who we have beaten at home) only enter the BP and not the more prestigious Trundell, so our Ladies in this second competition, are playing the best that these other Clubs can offer.

RESULT: Our latest C & T match was on Monday 18th June when we played High Wycombe at their green and we won on all 3 triples.The overall score was 51 to 38 and our highest winning triple was Hazel Baker. John Anderson and Mike Alderton by 17 - 11. It was a close game on all the rinks.

RESULT: We played Chess Vale at Home in the 3 Counties league on Saturday 16th June and beat them on all rinks with our top rink of John Pink, Linda James, Pam Anderson and John Anderson winning by 27 - 9. Our total shot score was 121-67 and we picked up all 12 points. Chess Vale will be determined to beat us at their ground on the carpet in the return match.

RESULT: Hazel Baker and Mike Alderton played their next round in the National pairs against a pair from Gerrards Cross and unfortunately lost. Hope you have better luck next time.

RESULTS ; The Ladies also played a further round in both the Trundell & Burnham Plate (BP) on Thursday, and the BP was played in the afternoon, at home against Cippenham. Despite a good tussle, we lost by 5 shots. In the evening the Trundell teams were home and away against Iver Heath, and unfortunately both lost to bring a hiccup to our recent good run of success. The full shot details of both these league games will be included when they are put into the dedicated 'Results' tab on this website.

RESULT ; There was a friendly visit to Harrow on Thursday, slightly depleted by the Ladies league games, but we were loaned one player (for whom thanks are due to our hosts). Nevertheless we gave a good account of ourselves , winning on three of the four triples giving an overall victory by 82-65 overall. Much of this margin was provided the Top Chalfont Rink of Mike Moir, Roger Darbourne and Bob Baker, 30 - 8, though the other wins were rather closer.

Bucks Plate ; Following the match between Amersham and Stoke Poges in our group, we know that Chalfont St Giles have topped their division (3), and so are home in the quarters, on Sunday 15th July, to meet the runners up of another division (1), being Newport Pagnell Bowling Club. Well done to the Bucks plate team, and good luck in the quarter finals.

RESULT ; The Ladies played a 3- triple friendly away at Amersham on Wednesday, and found the going a bit tough on a challenging green. We had one winning rink with Bobbie Richards, Margaret Timberlake and Liz Baldwin, (16-14) but unfortunately the others slipped to an overall loss by 44-57. We will have a chance to get our own back when they come to us in early July. Well done to everyone for taking defeat with good grace and enjoying a pleasant afternoon's bowling.

NOTICE : The Friendly match against Harrow has been selected, (ALL PLAY for those who applied) and is noted on the Mid-week tab. Apologies for the delay, but there was a danger that this match would need to be cancelled through a poor application due to the Ladies matches in the evening. Thank you to the late recruits.

Invitation Mixed Fours Gala; On Tuesday June 12th, we held our Main Gala on a cool, but mostly dry day, when the rain was kind enough to drift by as we had lunch !. After a minutes silence to remember our past President and long-time member Bill Bowler, whose funeral took place today, the 14 teams battled through four sessions of 8 ends. No-one managed four wins, so it was a tight finish when the points were added up. Winner by a single point was Glory Mill, with Wendover just making second place on shot-difference over a team from Chesham.

The 'spider' and cakes donations made £70 for the Iain Rennie Hospice Charity, and "a good time was had by all" , and thanks are due to the ladies in the kitchen, bar and greens support, for making it another successful day.

The following section was taken from the 2018 Summer News to 11th June , and Archived on 1st July 2018

RESULT ; On Monday evening we played the away leg of the Chiltern and Thames League match against Chesham. This turned out to be a closer affair than the home leg, and two of the triples went close, but were won by Chesham, each by 2 shots. However our third triple of Hazel Baker, John Anderson and Mike Alderton, claimed Top Chalfont Rink with a win by 27 - 10, giving an overall team win by 58 shots to 45. This gave us 4 points for overall shots, and with 2 points awarded per triple, the overall result was a win by 6 points to 4. (16 - 4 over the two legs)

OPEN DAY ; The Club held its Open Day on Sunday, combined with a Friends and Family invitation, with Fun Games, Coaching and Introductions to the game, the day was supported by many Club Members, a Barbecue and brisk business at the bar on a beautiful hot and sunny afternoon. With a number of potential new members looking for formal coaching, the day can be regarded as a great success, and thanks to all those who contributed to the planning, and on the day.

Ladies Top Club ; The third round match against Tilehurst B C will be at home on June 23rd, at 10.00, (Greys) and the team has been posted under the ladies Matches. All supporters on the day will be welcome, to carry us into further rounds !

RESULT ; Saturday 9th June we played a 3 counties match at home against High Wycombe and we won on 3 rinks out of 5 by 103 - 90 giving us 8 points to 4. Our highest winning rink was Rose Kirby, Maureen Harding, Nick Nicholls and Mike Alderton by 27 - 8. A very nice win in decent weather for us.

RESULT ; On Thursday evening, our ladies were back to the Trundell & Burnham Plate, and maintained their winning ways. In the Trundell against Stoke Poges, although we lost at home (16-19, hard luck , Rose, Gill & Anne), the away team of Denise Rogers, Pam Anderson & Hazel Baker won (15-9) so achieving an overall shots win, and 4 Trundell Points to Stoke Poges' 2. * Please note that the teams for the Trundell on June 21st & 28th have been reviewed, as now on the website.

In the Burnham Plate, our four went away to Iver Heath and came away with a win by 24 -11. Well done to Flora Alderton, Pat McKay, Maureen Harding and Lyn Carroll

RESULT; On Thursday afternoon , we plated a friendly fixture against Cippenham, reduced to allow for the ladies matches in the evening, but three triples enjoyed a pleasant match, with two of them being very close. We won one by a single shot , so Top rink was Dave Harding, Rose Kirby and Bryan Hedley, but lost another by the same margin, and the last rather more so, losing overall by 30-45. We have a number of games against Cippenham, so plenty of chances to reverse our fortunes.

GREAT RESULT ! ; On Tuesday evening our Ladies played their second round match in their National Top Club competition, at home against local rivals Gerrards Cross. Our opponents came with vocal supporters and a team including International players, to watch a keenly contested match where we could be considered to be the under-dogs.

The Single finished first, with a hard-fought win (after a tricky spell mid-game) for Hazel Baker 21-16, and after a nail-biting finish in the pairs, Rose Kirby and Candi Ivey squeezed home 17-16. At this stage we were down in the triples and fours and close on overall shot difference, so it was going 'down to the wire', as our opponents and their supporters' over-enthusiasm was matched by our Ladies quieter approach. The Triple of Flora Alderton, Chris Moir and Lyn Carroll pulled back to 14-14 going into the final end, and held their nerve to win by a single shot to secure a famous team victory 3-1.

The Four of Gill Wise, Linda James, Pat McKay (Team Captain), and Anne Darbourne, had maintained the shot difference within reach, but didn't need to finish and retired to join the whole team in well deserved celebration. Our next opponents are Tilehurst BC (near Reading) again at home, on a date to be arranged. Keep going Ladies !

RESULT ; On Tuesday afternoon, the match away against Tring was restricted to four triples in deference to the Ladies Top Club second round in the evening , but nevertheless we had an enjoyable encounter in intermittent sunshine, but on a challenging green, somewhat slower than our own. We won two and lost two, but with a healthy winning margin from Top Rink Nick Nicholls, Pam Anderson and Tim Baldwin, we won the match overall by 82 shots to 56.

RESULT ; On Monday night (June 4th) we started our campaign in the Chiltern & Thames League, with a home match against Chesham. On a cool and damp evening, the three triples started well, and kept control to a comprehensive win by 67 shots to 29, taking all 10 points. Top Rink was Rose Kirby, Barry Mills and Allan Rumble (32-4) whilst the other rinks were closer, but still this is a good start and we already look forward to the return at Chesham next week.

Trundell & Burnham Plate ; The teams currently selected for the remaining matches in these two ladies competitions are now on the website. Apologies for the delay...

RESULT ; On Sunday we played a further Three Counties League game, at home against Wexham. On a very hot afternoon, the games were all very tightly contested, and with four ends to go, we were leading on three rinks and narrowly ahead on shots. However our opponents rallied and were then leading on four rinks until a late spurt from Hazel Baker's team pulled them back to a second win, but not quite enough to take Top Chalfont Rink from Maureen Harding, Colin Richards, Bob Baker and Candi Ivey, though both of our wins were 17-14. Unfortunately losing the other three rinks cost us the match overall, which was 87-100 overall and 8 points to Wexham, and 4 points to Chalfont.

RESULT ; Mike Alderton played a further round in the Men's "Champion of Champions", but was unfortunately drawn to play the Slough Club Champion on their artificial surface, which proved too great a home advantage, with Mike losing heavily and going out of the competition.

NOTICE ; There has been a notice on the board for a few weeks, advertising the autumn trip to Bournemouth in the "Turkey and Tinsel" format, which Rose Kirby has been running for the last few years. If you are interested, please sign up as soon as possible, to give Rose a good idea of numbers when negotiating the deal with the Hotel.

Ladies v Gents ; This annual club event was held on 2nd June, and following a close win for the men last year, it was another close finish, typified by the Captains' rink. On the final end, Morgan Kavanagh put the jack in the ditch to give the men a 6 shot possibility, only to be trumped by Pat McKay with a shot within inches of the ditch and when Mike Alderton's reply was knocked out by Skip Hazel Baker, it was all over, contributing to a win for the Ladies, by 112 - 104.

Thanks also to the men who adopted a feminine guise for the day. " Michaela" Facey, and "Staffanie" Burbridge, who has turned out for the ladies so many times now, people are beginning to talk !.

ALSO, please note that the Ladies Top Club second round against GX will be on this Tuesday evening, and all those selected should have been informed. Good Luck ladies !

RESULT ; The Ladies fared rather well on Thursday evening, when we played Burnham (home and away) in the Trundell, and Denham (home) in the Burnham Plate.

Although we lost narrowly away at Burnham (13-15), our home trio of Margaret Timberlake Anne Darbourne and Candi Ivey won emphatically at home (22-7) for an overall win and 4 Trundell points to Burnham's 2. (oops , not 21-17 as erroneously noted last night!)

The Ladies' four in the Burnham Plate were at home, and despite a brief interruption for rain at the start, steadily pulled away for a 21- 12 win . Well done to Flora Alderton, Lyn Carroll, Liz Baldwin and Maureen Harding.

RESULT ; The Men played a further game in the Thames Valley League on Wednesday, home and away against Richings Park. The home scores were not encouraging, and the away scores were no better, as we lost on all rinks, and 43-99 overall. The TVL is again not proving to be a happy hunting ground this year!

What a difference a day makes ; Unfortunately the weather broke on Tuesday, and the storm caused the cancellation of the home game against Aston Clinton. Let us hope we get to play the return away in September.

Unfortuately the match against Princes Risborough on Thursday has also been cancelled, this time by our opposition who couldn't raise a team. Apologies to all concerned.

RESULT ; Hazel followed up her Champion of Chmpions win, with another in the County Mixed Pairs, joining Mike Alderton against a pair from Iver Heath, and winning by 29 shots to 12.

RESULT ; On a better note, the weather helped Hazel Baker to win her first Champion of Champions round on Tuesday, beating Jean Grimshaw at Burnham on a green slowed by the rain, making long jacks more difficult, allowing her to win 22-3 after 9 ends. Good luck in the next round.

SPRING PLATE ; On a very warm Bank Holiday Afternoon, club members contested the annual Spring Plate for drawn triples, and a very close result it was! After the three sessions, two teams shared top spot, on 30 points and a play-off between Mike Alderton, Linda James & Pam Anderson, and Tony Batkins Chris Pound and Rose Kirby was 1-1 after two ends, but won by Tony and his team on the deciding end.

The trophy was awarded by President Staff Burbridge, and thanks to Maureen B for the organisation. 

RESULT ; On Saturday we played Harefield Hospital at home in the Three Counties League, in a very warm and close atmosphere, and an extremely close game it turned out to be. At half time (10 ends) we were down in three out of five rinks, and by 34-52 overall. However 'it all changed after tea' , and although one winning rink slipped to a narrow loss, other losing rinks recovered to give us three wins and 6 points, subject to the overall shot count. With one end to play on the final (losing) rink we were only 1 shot ahead, but thankfully this team also rallied for a three, to give us an overall win by 102-98, and the final 2 points for 8-4 overall. Top Chalfont rink was Chris Moir, John Pink. Bryan Hedley and Tony Batkins.

Bill Bowler ; Bill's funeral is to be on June 12th, at 12.15 in the large chapel at Amersham Crematorium, and afterwards at The Chalfont St Peter Community Centre.

RESULT ; On Thursday we played the second of our round-robin games in the Bucks Plate, against Stoke Poges and in a game that was very tight all round, we managed to win two and lose two triples, and then draw the shot-count, to produce a Tie , with points shared 7-7. After our 10-4 win against Amersham, this means we are definitely into the quarterfinals, but await the Amersham-Stoke Poges game to see whether we progress as winners or runners-up.

RESULT; We host an annual friendly against the Harrow & District team, and this year the game was on May 22nd. The match as a close one, and we managed to win on three of the 5 triples, with Top Chalfont Rink being Tim Timberlake, Colin Richards and Hubert Cox (21-13). However the scores on the other two games were rather heavy defeats, allowing Harrow to take the overall result by 91 - 79.

NOTICE ; Cancellations ; Unfortunately the Desborough game on Sunday 27th, has had to be cancelled as we have too few names to make a team. This is possibly due to being in the middle of the Bank Holiday Weekend, which could be avoided in future (?) but in any case we will need to review whether this fixture is popular enough to retain?

ALSO, we have been notified that Cippenham have withdrawn from the TVL league so our men's game on 25th July can be removed from your diaries.

Note ; The draws for the 5 Singles, the 4 Pairs, and the 3 Triples Competitions can now be found under the 'Competitions 2018' tab of this website ; Remember that other than the Men's & Ladies' Triples (on Triples Weekend), the first named player is responsible for offering dates and where necessary, providing a marker.

RESULT ; On Monday the men played in the Top Club competition against Marlow, and unfortunately failed to match the recent success of the Ladies in their equivalent competition. The two-wood and four-wood singles were competitive, but naturally resolved early, both in Marlow's favour. Despite leading 18-13 in the triples (well done Graham B, Barry M, and John Anderson) and being close in the pairs, once we had lost convincingly in the fours, the match was over and we all retired for a few drinks on a fine warm evening. Marlow were the better team on the day, and we wish them well in the rest of the competition.

Meanwhile the Ladies now know that they meet Gerrards Cross in the next round of their Top Club, date to be determined.

RESULT; At the weekend there was a memorable event took place in Windsor! Forget the wedding which caused us to cancel the match against Cippenham on Saturday, but remember the Chalfont match away to Windsor Great Park on Sunday. Thanks to our hosts for setting up 4 rinks and 2 triples to accommodate an over-subscription for this popular venue, and apologies to them for winning on all but one of them, and by 114 - 93 overall. Top Chalfont Rink was Maggy Read, Linda James and Bryan Hedley with Tim Baldwin in a 26 -12 win. Thanks also to our hosts them for a fine tea in their pavilion, despite the fines awarded by their Captain in aid of their Charity.

County Mixed Pairs ; Mike Alderton and Hazel Baker played their first game in this competition on Friday, winning at home over Lyn and John Mockett from Iver Heath. Mike and Hazel took an early lead, but after that it was nip and tuck, but they held on to win 17 - 13.

Some Very Sad News ;

This is, unfortunately, to bring you the news that Bill Bowler died suddenly overnight (May 18th), apparently in his sleep.

Bill was one of the longest-standing members of the Club, not quite a founder member but joined 40 years ago with his wife Jean, and has had a very long history of membership. He was Chairman for several years and then President, but also served the Club in many other ways, including as green-keeper.

His practicality and creative approach to solving problems were invaluable. He was definitely one of the old school and he will be sorely missed.

Details of funeral arrangements will be passed on as soon as we have any information. Meanwhile our heart-felt sympathy and condolences go to his family, and to member Pat McKay, Bill's friend of many years.

 The following section was taken from the 2018 Summer News,  and Archived on 1st June 2018  

Cancellation. Unfortunately we have been unable to raise a team for the TVL game against Ashford, and this match, scheduled for 24th may, has had to be cancelled.

Top Club ; The Men's Top Club game at home against Marlow will be on the evening of Monday May 21st. The team has been picked, and the players involved should have been notified.

Chiltern Tourers; The report from the Tourers' trip to Portugal this year, can be found under their named Tab on this website. Thanks to Margaret Timberlake for compiling the report, and George Ivey for providing some photographs.

RESULT ; On Wednesday the Men played the first match in the Bucks Plate, home and away against Amersham. In a tight game on an increasingly chilly evening, we won two games (Allan Rumble's team away and Tony Batkins' team at home), but lost the other two, so overall shots mattered for the final points result, which we managed by the narrow margin of a 3 shots win overall. Therefore the League points were awarded with Chalfont 10 to Amersham 4.

On Tuesday evening, Mike Alderton played the next round of the County unbadged singles, against a player from Iver Heath who had played us in the TVL the night before. In a very close game which went to 20-20 he was unlucky to lose the deciding end bringing his run in the competition to an end.

RESULT; On Tuesday we played our annual friendly against Ladygate B C and this year it was our turn to play at home. After a couple of late changes, we played 5 triples in wonderful warm and sunny weather, and despite losing on two rinks, we enjoyed a good win, by 105 - 73. Our Top rink was Chris Pound, John Pink and Allan Rumble, (26-6)so the Chiltern Tourers' training camp in Portugal is clearly paying dividends. The teams enjoyed a pleasant drink afterwards, many in the new tented patio area, warm but shady in the late afternoon sun!

NOTICE: The rumoured news about Glory Mill stopping bowling at their green is incorrect. I have been informed that all is well. (JA)

RESULT: We played our first TVL game on the 14th May against Iver Heath and managed one win at Home and one win Away but the overall shot difference was against us so we lost by 8 points to 5. It was a nice night for bowling, just a little chilly at the end.

RESULT ; On Sunday we played a friendly match , away against a new opponent in Long Crendon Bowls Club. Last year our ladies met them in the Burnham Plate quarters, and this sparked a desire to set up a friendly game between the Clubs. Our top winning rink was John Pink, Mike Wise and Candi Ivey who won 20 - 7, but unfortunately this was not enough to offset the other losing rinks, and we lost overall by 91 - 102. This was a disappointing result, but not a disaster, and has hopefully started a regular fixture with a very welcoming club.

RESULT ; On Saturday May 12th we played our first League game of the season, in the 'Three Counties' at home against Flackwell Heath. On a day when the drizzle never let up, our opponents were further hampered by one absentee, allowing Mike Alderton and his team of Rose Kirby, Maureen Harding & Nick Nicholls to gain Top Chalfont Rink against just three opponents. Meanwhile our other four rinks were also better than our visitors at mastering the conditions, with all of them winning, mostly by a comfortable margin, for an overall 12 points to Nil league victory. Our shots tally was 110 - 51.

A good start to our 2018 campaign!

NOTE ; the friendly match against Windsor Great Park has been expanded to accommodate more players, and is now 4 Rinks and 2 Triples. To those selected, make sure you take the appropriate number of bowls ! Also PLEASE NOTE ; The match starts at 3.00 pm, and WGP have a strict dress policy, so NO SHORTS , and for the Ladies, no Non-Regulation cropped trousers (i.e NO JEANS) .

CANCELLATION ; Please note that the friendly match against Cippenham on May 19th has been cancelled by our opposition. (something to do with a wedding on that day at Windsor, and a football match at Wembley ....?)

County Unbadged Singles ; Well done to Mike Alderton, who has progressed into the second round of this competition, with a win over Gerrards Cross player Keith Young, on Friday night, winning 22-13. Good Luck in the next round, next week.

100 Club ; The winners in the May Draw were as follows ;

£25 Denise Rogers £15 Allan Rumble £10 Michael Facey ( well done Michael, wining two months running )

RESULT : On Wednesday, we visited Kings Langley for another early-season friendly over 5 triples in lovely warm sunshine, and came away with another satisfying win, by 89 - 74. Our Top Rink was Graham Buchanan, Hazel Baker and Maureen Harding .

RESULT ; On Tuesday we played Rosedale park in the first friendly on our greens since we resumed playing against them last year. Chalfont having won away last September, Rosedale returned the compliment with an 83-68 victory today. On a lovely warm day, three triples were very close (one win one draw and one loss) but the other two were more decisive, (one in each direction!)) though our Top Rink of Anne Darbourne, Lyn Carroll and George Ivey ( 19-11) were not able to offset the overall loss. This year we have a return match in September, so we have a while to think about correcting this defeat!.

STOP PRESS : Well Done the Ladies, who played a really close match against Wexham in the Top Club Competition in the searing heat of the Bank Holiday Monday morning, with a good number of spectators to support.

Hazel Baker won the Singles, and Candi & Rose won their pairs, but with 4 ends to go, the Triples and Fours were both down, and we were down in the overall score. The next three ends see-sawed with nothing conclusive, and when the Four led by Maureen Harding finished, we were down by four in the triples, but leading by just two shots overall with a single end to go.

CSG holding shots, but with nothing at the back, Wexham tried everything to move the jack, but with Lyn Carrol getting shot wood with her last delivery, we got a 5, took the triples by one shot, and won the Match by three disciplines to one ! We now wait to see how Iver Heath and Gerrards Cross get on to meet us at home in early June.

NOTICE ; The Ladies will be playing the first round of the Top Club competition, away at Wexham on this Bank Holiday Monday (7th) at 10.30 a.m. Apologies for the short notice for this game due to scheduling problems, but any supporters will be welcome . Good Luck, Ladies . The Men's Top Club first round is still being finalised.

HELP NEEDED ; The Greens team seek assistance for an aeration operation to be tackled next Friday 11th May, but please let Roger Darbourne know if you can help. Similarly we need a few more helpers to finish the new patio structure by adding the roof on Wednesday morning. Bob Baker would like to know if you can help.

RESULT ; On 6th May, we followed up our Saturday win, with a second Home friendly against Wendover. we achieved success in three of the five triples, and an overall win by a margin of 113 shots to 85. There was a tight tussle for Top Chalfont Rink, won by Allan Rumble, with Bobbie Richards and Hazel Baker, who grabbed a 7 on the last end to win 29-13, pipping Roger Darbourne and Liz & Tim Baldwin who won by 29-14.

Thanks also to Pam Anderson for volunteering to substitute for an absentee at the last moment. PLEASE ; if you put down for a game , check if you are picked, and tick your name or inform the Captain of the day if you cannot play after all. It is not good enough to rely on the Captain spotting a 'lack of tick' , though he will endeavour to do so.

RESULT ; On 5th May we had a very good home friendly match against Hazells BC in beautiful warm weather. It was a very close and in a good game which seemed to be enjoyed by all, we managed a win by 97 to 96 shots. Our top rink was Maggy Read, Dave Harding and Rob Kirby who won by 23 - 14.

NOTICE: We had our first Open Morning today (Sat May 5th) and due to the efforts of the members who had helped with the posters and flyers we had 19 people turn up throughout the period and we are very hopeful that we can retain some as bowlers. A big thank you to them, and to all who came up to help on the day and did a very good job of presenting the Club. Let us hope that the fuller 'Open & Fun Day' on June 10th can be as well supported. Watch the notices for more information.

COMPETITIONS ; The draws were made on Friday evening after the first Triples Roll-up, and are being added to the usual Notice Board in the Office. A copy from each event will be available on this website shortly.

RESULT ; Our first ladies match at home was against Denham on Thursday 3rd, and despite being reduced to two rinks, unfortunately we lost on both of them and overall by 21 to 34. Hopefully we will do better as the season progresses.

RESULT ; Our first Midweek match of the year was against Court Park in improving weather, and we won on 3 rinks out of 5 with our top rink of Rose Kirby, Colin Richards and Dave Harding by 24 shots to 9 and an overall win of 81 to 70 shots. The game was enjoyed by both teams.

RESULT ; We were Away to Stoke Poges on Sunday 29th April and it was again a very cold day. We stopped for tea in the marquee halfway and it was no warmer in there either! We were unable to beat them on any rink and the score was a loss by 52 to 75.

Result ; Our first game of the season was at Home to Rickmansworth B.L. on 28th April, and we played in cold and damp weather but managed a win of 78 to 64 shots. Our top rink was Rose Kirby, Maureen Harding and Mike Alderton by 29 - 6 shots. Well done to all who played.

20th April ; The Greens are Open for the new season ! The first friendly teams have been picked, so everyone can get some practise in before the first opponents arrive !

100 Club The winners of the April Draw, are as follows ;

£25 Ian McLeod, £15 ; Chris Pound, £10 : Michael Facey

REMINDER ; The first Friday Night Triples roll-up (with food as usual) will be on 27th April.

NOTE ; there is a small change to your Fixture Card for the 2019 Indoor matches ; Refer to the 'Indoor ' Tab on this website for details.

100 Club ; The winners in the March Draw, are as follows ;

£25 Shirley Taylor, £15 Sue Patey, £10 Ivy Eyres.

The Pre-season meeting took place on Sunday March 25th, with a good turn out of members eager for the new season.

The proposal that Sylvia Webb be given Life Membership for her long service to the club was passed,. Sylvia was a past Ladies Captain, County Player, committee member, founded the 100 club and has a long contribution to the Friday Night catering and other club activities.

The meeting ratified Graeme Richards as the new Fixtures Secretary, and agreed the proposal to revert to electing this position in November, as was the case up to a few years ago. It is hoped that Graeme will continue for at least 18 months, and Pat McKay was thanked for her work in this role over recent years.

It was agreed that Match fees at weekends will continue to be charged at £3 per player, ( a figure unchanged for at least 10 years) regardless of the level of refreshments, particularly where opposition offer traditional Teas rather than reciprocal 'Nibbles'.

The midweek friendlies and evening leagues will be managed as previous years.

It was also agreed to try a new approach to the club kitchen/cleaning duties, now that the Refreshment duties are reduced, but recognising the lesser number of members opting for kitchen rather than cleaning duties. Teams of 4 will be allocated two weeks of cleaning and two matches for 'nibbles', with the members of the team deciding who does which, or swapping independently as necessary.

Fuller notes from the meeting will be circulated to members in due course.

The Final Indoor match of the winter was against Herts I B C on Sunday 18th March. Despite a promising start with an overall score of 31 to 21 after about 4 ends, our opponents woke up and with a burst of scoring went into a comfortable lead at half time, and an even better one by the end, winning by 136 - 67. Well done to our two Lady skips, Pam Anderson and Candi Ivey, who came closest to winning their triple, but unfortunately we lost on all five games. We have had some promising matches this winter, but unfortunately our intermittent indoor practice can't match the consistency of the regular indoor club players . ... Better luck next year !

Okehampton ; Thanks to Bob Baker for another successful trip to Okehampton, albeit cut a little short by the weather forecast that sent members scurrying for home the afternoon / evening before we were due to leave. A game against another visiting club (Erewash near Northampton) was played and narrowly lost, but only because it was on the first morning and we hadn't got ourselves familiar with the Manor House carpet !

The cold weather didn't put off some stalwart golfers, (Tim, Bob, Mike W and Mike L) or intrepid moors-walkers (Tim, Liz and John P) but most concentrated on indoor pursuits and craft activities, finely judged by Rob Kirby in Bob's farewell awards. (No names - everyone was a winner !)

RESULT ; We play two games against Herts I B C , and the first was on the evening of Saturday 24th Feb. This proved to be a close affair, with Chalfont starting well, and moving into the lead overall in the first few ends. Herts gradually caught back, and the last ends were decisive, with Herts emerging winners by the relatively slender 59-71.

Thanks to our opponents for loaning us one player at the last minute, and well done to our Top Rink of Linda James, Maggy Read, Bernard Bailey and Pam Anderson (20-14)

The second game is in March, and we look forward to it !

RESULT ; Our second game of the winter against Handy Cross took place on Sunday 18th. Despite two close games and one good win, we lost out by three rinks to one, and overall by 54 - 70. Our Top rink was Rose Kirby, Bernard Bailey, Hazel Baker & Tim Baldwin, and the result was a good improvement on the 49-86 loss back in October.

Some Dates for your Diary ; A Reminder that the Pre-season Meeting will be on the morning of March 25th (10.00 for a 10.30 a.m. start). Paperwork for the Subscriptions, Competition Entries and Agenda for the meeting, will be circulated to members in good time.

The meeting of the Tea-teams will be on 7th April, starting at 10.00

The Spring-cleaning of the Clubhouse, and preparation for the new season, will be on 12th April, also starting at 10.00

NOTICE ; in 2018 there will be a new Tab for County News. Whilst it is appreciated that few members get involved in County initiatives or competitions etc, all members are recommended to keep abreast of news from that quarter . Their February Newsletter has been posted to start this feature, and any Obituaries relating to members at other Bucks Clubs, will also be shown there , rather than in our Club News

GALAs ; Invitations to Summer Galas at other local clubs will be posted in the clubhouse as usual, but be aware that we have received entry forms for Potten End Ladies Gala on 14th July, and Potten End Mixed Gala on 15th August.

100 Club ; The lucky winners for February have been drawn as follows ;

£25 ; Bill Bowler, £15 Roger Darbourne, £10 ; Rachel Gelder.

RESULT ; Our second match of the winter at Foxhill IBC took place on Saturday, and we enjoyed a relatively close game, only going down by 86 to 111. We won two of the 6 triples, and went close on a third, with our top rink going to Hazel Baker, Bob Baker and Tim Baldwin (26-6).

** After Handy Cross next week (Team picked and posted) we have two final games against Herts IBC , and Captain John Anderson is still looking for more names. Please notify him if you want to play.

Obituary Notice , For anyone whom knew him, we have learnt of the death of Stan Webb of High Wycombe B C . See TB in due course for funeral arrangements if required.

NOTICE ; The Teams for our next Indoor matches at Foxhill & at Handy Cross have been posted. Anyone picked for the Handy Cross Game - please note that the Roundabout at junction 4 of the M40 at Handy Cross will be CLOSED for re-surfacing over that weekend. Allow extra time to go on other routes.

100 Club ; The winners for January 2018 were drawn as follows ;

£25 Linda James, £15 Pearl Howl, £10 Pat McKay

Member Alert ; We have been informed that works to install a high voltage electricity cable will take place for 8 - 12 weeks starting on 19th February. For a period of time the works will close Bowstridge Lane from Crossleys towards Dibden Hill.

There will also be works in the recreation ground between the car park and the Bowling club in this period, so it may be necessary to access the club via Gordon Way. This could affect the Feb & March Social days and the Pre-season meeting.

Local Club Galas ; Every year we receive invitations from other clubs to their Galas, and some members enjoy supporting these, as we appreciate other clubs supporting ours. Regulars may receive personal notifications, but otherwise such notices will be available in the clubhouse. The first such notice has come from Berkhamsted for their mixed triples Gala on Monday 28th May, but be aware that this is the date of our own Spring Plate.

In Memoriam ; Very sad news to record, in that Pat Cox passed away on Friday afternoon, at home with her family. Our thoughts are with Hubert and his family, and we send them our sincere condolences and sympathy.

Pat's funeral will be at the Amersham Crematorium, Milton Suite, on Monday Feb 5th at 12.15, and afterwards at Hazlemere Golf Club. As always, members are asked to pass theis onfo on to nay members without internet access or Email.

RESULT The Handy Cross Shield Quarterfinals took place on Sunday (21st) and our team of members who play at HX met Wycombe Swans, one of two HW teams, and holders of the Shield last year. However, despite a fine win by Janice & Tony Batkins with Joe Jaquest , our other two triples met with impressive opposition, and we lost the match by 2 points to 4. Well done to the team for a creditable run, and better luck next year!

INDOOR GAMES ; Sheets have been posted, seeking players for the remaining four matches this winter, as follows ; PLEASE NOTE there have been a couple of recent amendment to your fixture cards. It was briefly shown that the Herts game on March 18th was to be switched to the 24th, but this has found to be an error at the Herts end (not ours) and the fixture remains on the 18th as per the fixture card.

  • Foxhill, Sat 10th Feb ; 6 Triples in the afternoon ; Whites
  • Handy Cross Sun 18th Feb ; 4 Rinks in the afternoon ; Greys
  • Herts, Sat 24th Feb ; 4 Rinks in the evening ; Greys
  • Herts, Sun 18th March ; 5 Triples in the afternoon. Whites
  • Both the Herts games are £4.50 with sandwiches (No Full Meal)

Please sign up on the sheets if you are at the club for maintenance or the January Social on Wednesday, or phone John Anderson before he phones you !

Handy Cross Shield.

As has been noted before, some Club members play at Handy Cross through the Winter and the club has a team playing in their Shield Competition. We have reached the Quarter-final stage, and the following link explains current progress. update 6 Jan REV A.pdf

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Members !!

A group of members celebrated New Year on a 'Mystery Trip' initiated by Lyn Carroll, a brief summary of which can be found on the following link ; Year 2018.pdf