18th July  TVL  v   Egham    18:15  2(2x3)  Home/ Away  Greys 

  Ploughmans  Home £2.50/ Away free    

Please tick your name on the sheets in the Clubhouse to confirm your availability, or if your situation has changed, advise the Captain of the Day as soon as possible.

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/10th June flyer.pdf...

Rink 1 HomeRink 2 Home 
Rob KirbyDave Harding 
Barry MillsNick Nicholls 
Mike Alderton Allan Rumble 


Rink 1 Away Rink 2 Away
Graham BuchananBryan Hedley
Mick Lane  Bob Baker
 t b a  Tony Batkins


Captain ;   Home...Mike Alderton          Away.... t b a