This page is used to publish the dates & teams for Indoor matches which take place through the Winter, at local 'away' venues.  


The next indoor match is against Foxhill on Wednesday the 27th November at 2.30pm. Click on the link below for the team. 27Nov.pdf


The Indoor Games  for 2019 - 20 are on the Members Fixture Card. There is one date change for Herts on the 15th March, this is now the 11th Jan 2020.

Otherwise the Fixture Card has all the club matches,  .......

.......except for the Handy Cross Cup which is a competition for outdoor clubs with significant membership at Handy Cross Indoor Bowls Club. 

This year the arrangements split teams into two 'divisions' with the stronger clubs (historically) being in the HX Shield, (not us ...yet) and the second tier clubs playing in the HX Cup.( that includes us!)

The rules and schedule for the Handy Cross Cup in  the 2019 - 20 season, can be found on the following links.  However the teams will be picked primarily from those members who play at Handy Cross, though others may be required dependant on availability.; Cup Rules.pdf Cup dates.pdf