This page is for a photo gallery /archive,  currently just devoted to the 2013 Finalists  


Singles Winners, Candi Marchant & Mike Alderton


Club Championship Finalists, Winner Mike Alderton & Arthur Thomas, and Mens Singles Finalists, Mike Alderton & Tony Batkins


Novices Finalists ; Winner Pam Anderson & Runner-up Duncan Barratt

2-wood Finalists  Rob Kirby and Graham Buchanan, (& hats off to the winner)


  Ladies Pairs Finalists, 

Winners Beryl Ralley & Joyce Cripps, & Runners-up Anne Darbourne & Pam Anderson

Mens Pairs Finalists ; Winners Graeme Richards & George Ivey

                                 & Runners-up Rob Kirby & Roger Darbourne

Mixed Pairs Finalists, 

Winners  Mike Alderton & Hazel Baker,  Runners up Joe Jaquest & Carol Crowford


Ladies Triples Finalists ; Winners Hazel Baker, Anne Darbourne & Carol Crowford,

                                          Runners up  Joyce Cripps, Rose Kirby & Beryl Ralley


Mens Triples Finalists ;  Winners  Graham Buchanan, John Pink & Mike Alderton,

Runners-up  Robin Newman, Graeme Richards & Roger Darbourne


Mixed Triples Finalists ;  Winners Liz Baldwin, Lyn Carrol & Tim Baldwin

         & Runners-up  Anne Darbourne , Roger Darbourne & Mick Lane


 ...............................................WELL DONE TO THEM ALL  !!