These Photos were taken of the finalists on Sept 12-13 2015 

There were more photos  taken than shown here.  Speak to Roger Darbourne or Tim Baldwin  if you seek Copies of any of these shots.

Club Champion    Ian McLeod                Ladies' Champion     Candi Ivey 


Men's Champion ;  Mike Alderton       Novices   Winner    Hazel Baker   


2 -wood Finalists ; Hazel Baker with Joe Jaquest       

                                             Men's Singles Finalists.  Tim Baldwin  &Mike Alderton 

                                                                     with President Norman Clare


                                                       Club Singles Finalists, Ian McLeod and Arthur Thomas 

                  Novice Finalists Hazel and Patrick Johnson

Ladies Finalists Candi Ivey & Christine Moir


The Finalists in the three Pairs competitions ............... you know who they are !!.....




and the Triples  Finalists - all familiar faces ?  .....  but how did those black trousers get in ! 



                                                      and Morgan ,the youngest, is already the tallest !                                                                                    


and finally, the Ladies' winners with Norman ....................and the gallant runners-up !