The Origins of the Club Competitions can be found on this first link; sources B.doc 

If you have further info to expand these notes, please contact Tim Baldwin.

 The Rules for the competitions are posted in the clubhouse, but can also be accessed through the following link ; 2017.pdf

  The draws for the 2017 Competitions were made on Friday 5th May, and can be accessed through the following link. This will be updated **at regular intervals;  

Last updated 6th September

The FINALS schedule can be found on the following link. FINALS Rev A.pdf

 How they got to the finals is still available on the link below DRAWS Rev Z.pdf 

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** PLEASE NOTE : In the Drawn Triples competition an unexpected development occurred which makes it necessary to clarify the rule to be applied if, for any reason, a member of one team is unable to continue play, and has to withdraw after a game has started.  Regrettably, our internal competition rules do not cover the situation and it is to be regretted that the diverse opinions expressed by players and spectators at the time caused controversy and upset. 

Please bear in mind that these are "friendly" internal competitions and, in the past, we have always allowed substitutions and completion of matches wherever possible.

The following "interim" rule, which have been discussed with the Chairman, Captain, and Competitions organisers, will apply for the remaining semi finals, and the finals weekend in September. It will be proposed to the committee for permanent inclusion in our internal competition rules in future years.

" In the event of a player becoming unable to play and having to withdraw after a game has started. If there is no substitute available and the remaining players wish to continue with the match then the remaining ends can be played as an eight ball competition - the team with two players ( Team A ) having 4 woods each and the complete team ( Team B ) playing 3, 3 & 2 - ( their decision entirely which player has 2 woods ). At the completion of 18 ends the number of points gained by Team A during the 8 ball competition will be reduced by 25%. The total points gained in the 9 ball and 8 ball competitions will determine the winner ".

  The Presentation Dinner, with Christmas menu, will be on Friday 1st December, at Harewood Downs Golf Club.