The Internal Competition Draws, and progress through the season to the Finals , can be found on the links below ;   

 RESULTS ; results.pdf

 …. and here is how they got there !!  

 Weatherley ;  Club Championship ; FINAL.pdf

Rosella ; Ladies Championship FINAL.pdf

 Saab ; Men's Championship FINAL.pdf

 West ;  2-wood Competition FINAL.pdf

Cox  ;  Novice Singles Competitions FINAL.pdf

 Roff ; Mixed pairs FINAL.pdf

 Punter ; Ladies Drawn Pairs FINAL.pdf

Wellings ; Men's Drawn Pairs FINAL.pdf

Clare ;  Australian Mixed pairs FINAL.pdf

Kernow ; Ladies Drawn Triples FINAL.pdf

Coombes ; Men's Drawn Triples FINAL.pdf

Souster  ; Mixed Triples FINAL.pdf