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The club is affiliated to Bowls England, and operates Lawn Bowls throughout the summer, and compete in all County competitions, Thames Valley League and local friendlies. We also organise short-mat bowls and social events in the winter.

CLUB NEWS                             Last updated TB  23rd October  2018

The current situation following our first Handy Cross Shield game (details below) can be followed up on this link.

http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Shield Results to 20 Oct.pdf

RESULT ;  On Sunday,  we played the first game in this year's Handy Cross Shield.  This is a competition between outdoor clubs who have members at HX, but we can play any of our outdoor players.  Our first game was against the 'Handy Cross' home team made up of players not affiliated to any of the other 7 clubs involved.  This group has won the competition 6 times in the last 8 years, so  we knew we were up against it!  In the event we gave them a good game, winning one triple (Rose, Liz & Tim)  and coming close in a second (hard luck to Bobbie, Rob and Tony B). Thanks also to  Linda, Colin & Mike A who completed our team, and we look forward to the second game in the 'round robin' stage in January.   

 REMINDER ;  Remember the first winter social event this Wednesday, the 17th. 

Shirley Taylor is again running the Games and Lunch Days on the third Wednesday of each month from 10.30am to around 3.00pm. Lunch (soup, bread, pudding) and tea/coffee are included in the £3 fee, and this year we have the added attraction of a pools table which converts to a table-tennis table, as well as the usual array of games. Everyone is Welcome !

NOTICE ;   Over  recent weeks, Entry forms have been posted in the clubhouse for the 2019 County competitions in the various singles, pairs, triples etc , (with little response) and now we also have entry forms for the National Competitions, including the Top Club category.  Historically we have entered Top Club , but left it to individuals to apply for the other individual events.  Please consider these now, if you are interested.  If any members wish to receive further details of any of these competitions, please see Tim Baldwin a.s.a.p.

RESULT ;  The first Indoor game of the winter season was played at Handy Cross on Sunday 7th, and although the result was a predictable, (we lost !)  the margin was respectable (62 - 84), and many of our players found  improvement as the games went on, and we had one winning rink with Rose Kirby, Linda James, Liz Baldwin  & Tim Baldwin, 25-18.   

FINAL RESULT  (for the summer season) ; Our last gamer was played away at Hazells, and a fine sunny day provided a fitting conclusion to a good season's bowling.  The match  was played in good spirit all round, and some close games were reflected in the final score of 104 - 104 !!  It is worth noting that the last bowl of the last rink to finish was an end-winning play by Allan Rumble, to overturn a two-shot position for Hazells into a one shot end-win and grab the overall draw.  However we 'won' the raffle with four prizes to their two, so we can record it as a successful afternoon!. We had a Top Rink with Graham Buchanan, Chris Pound and Hazell Baker.  

100 Club ;   The Winners in the September Draw, were as follows

£25 ; Sylvia Webb,  £15  Rachel Gelder,  £10  Melanie Burbridge 

Apologies for the delay last week , (particularly to those keen to see their names 'in lights' for the last time this season)  but here are the results from the last week...

RESULT; On Thursday 27th we played our last home game of the season against Kitcheners B C and ended on a high note with a comfortable win by 90 shots to 63.  Top Rink was Denise Rogers, Anne Darbourne and Mike Alderton, (22-8).

Captain's v President's  ;  On Sunday the club held this annual internal match, which on this occasion was won by the Captain's team by 76-50.   The Captain's 'Top Rink' was provided by the pair of Sue Patey and John Pink (26-7) and the President's Top Team  was Graham Buchanan, Pat McKay and Allan Rumble. (17-12).

RESULT:  The match on Friday at Home against Pinner was a very close contest in shots but we lost by 79 to 82. We had a top triple of Denise Rogers, Denise Williams and Mike Alderton who won by 26 to 11. It was a very windy afternoon and the weather was changeable, being warm and sunny, then cold at times. 

CANCELLATION:  The match against Chesham Ladies has been Cancelled as they cannot get a team together. 

CANCELLATION: The match against Herts on the 22nd Sept has been cancelled to lack of players on our side.  Sorry to the ones who put their names down but we did not have enough for even 3 triples.

RESULT ;  On Wednesday we played Tring at home,  on a blustery day when the wind had to be taken into account, and following overnight rain, the mats needed to go down to make it even more interesting.  Nevertheless we managed to win on four of the five rinks, and achieve a good win overall ( 92 - 71). Top Rink* was Denise Rogers, Bob Baker and Bryan Hedley by 27 to 11. *This has been corrected from our original report, to amend  an oversight in the scores,  and not wishing to cause a Baker family squabble.!

SHORT MAT ;  The short-mat evenings in the Memorial Hall commence on Friday October 5th (6.45 for 7.00 start). If you haven't tried it before, come along and have a go

RESULT:  On Sunday we played a friendly Away to Cippenham and it was a very good warm and sunny afternoon.  We did not manage to beat them on their own ground but we did have a top triple of Gill Wise, Roger Darbourne and Bob Baker who won by 18 to 11.  We had also a second winning triple who won on the last shot on the 18th end by 15 - 14 and this was after pulling back from a deficit most of the way and this was John Pink, Anne Darbourne and Nick Nicholls. The final score was 71 to 86. 

NOTICE ; Both Teams for the  friendlies against Tring and Pinner  on the 19th & 21st respectfull,y have now been selected and posted.  

Fearnley Cup ; The Final Friday Night roll-up took place on Friday 14th, allowing organiser Graham Buchanan to assess the members who had bowled often enough to qualify for the Fearnley Cup (24 of them) and then to count their percentage level of success against a score of 6 for a win. Third with an average of 4.5 was last years winner, Robert Yalden, and second with 4.6 was Candi Ivey.

But the clear winner with an average of 5.0 was Chris Moir. Well done Chris !

Thanks also to Graham for organising, and for the 'Hot Potato Ladies' (Maureen. Liz & Lyn)  for the regular weekly sustenance.

Correction ;   A small amendment needed to the summary from Finals weekend, in that Hazel didn't defend all her titles successfully, but with Mike Alderton, exchanged the Roff Mixed Pairs (2017) for the Aussie Mixed pairs, the Clare Cup, this year.  Both mixed pairs..... easy mistake to make !   Sorry Hazel. 

RESULT ;   After the peak of Finals weekend, it was back to the inter-club friendlies on Thursday, with a reduced game away against Croxley Guild.  Three triples managed a comfortable win, 65-29, with a good contribution from our top Rink, Linda James, Bob Baker and Dave Harding (23-9).  

Postponement ;   Unfortunately the Ladies game against Chesham on Wednesday 12th had to be curtailed and re-scheduled for Sept 25th, due to difficulties with the fertilizer on the green, which appeared to be affecting the bowls and the players.  Apologies to all concerned, but a new sign-up sheet will be in the clubhouse, and hopefully the game will take place on this new date. 

RESULT:  We had a nice friendly  win today, Tuesday 11th, at home against Stoke Poges  by 70 shots to 24. Our top winning triple was Graham Buchanan, Mike Moir and Anne Darbourne who won by 29 shots to 3.

CANCELLATION:  The match against Rosedale planned for September 20th has been cancelled due to a lack of players. 

FINALS;  Full Results and Photos can be found on the Competitions Page. The following reports have been re-sequenced as one report, Friday to Sunday.

Finals weekend got off to a quiet start on Friday afternoon, with the two-wood (Jim West)competition, with Hazel Baker defending her 2017 title against John Pink. Hazel raced into an 8-2 lead , only to pegged back to 11-10 after 14 ends. Unfortunately John then ran out of steam, and only managed a single further shot, allowing Hazel to retain the trophy 21-11.

The other Friday match was the mixed triples,(Souster)with Hazel and her team of Linda James and Morgan Kavanagh again defending the title from 2107. A similar pattern emerged, with the holders moving into an early lead of 13-3, and then 24-7 before Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Barry Mills got going. Barry and his team then won the last 5 ends to a thrilling climax, just falling short by 22-24 at the end.

There were three finals on Saturday morning, the first being the (Cox) Novices singles, with John Pink taking on Henry Bell and his extension arm. The early ends were balanced at 4-4, when John got into his stride and moved ahead to a comfortable 21-7 conclusion. Well done to JP for his first singles title after a number of previous final appearances .

The Men's championship, the Saab, has been won by Mike Alderton for 5 of the last 6 years, and this year saw him extend this run with another victory, this year over Bob Baker. The writing was on the wall early, and Mike steadily increased his hold on the trophy, to win by 21-7 at the end.

Meanwhile the Weatherly Club Championship was a much closer contest between Hazel Baker and Tim Baldwin. Whilst the green proved challenging to both players, early exchanges were finely balanced to 8-8 after 9 ends. Then Hazel managed a 1 and a 4, only to be held on 13 for a few ends whilst Tim came back again. After 24 ends it was 18-18 and anyone's game. 'Anyone' proved to be Hazel again, in yet another successful defence of a trophy she first won in 2017..

Saturday afternoon started with the Roff mixed pairs. This was contested by Maureen Harding and Rob Kirby who have paired up in the competition for a few years (without success), against a new partnership of Sue Patey and Bryan Hedley. There was never many shots in it and with three ends to go it was 16-15 to Mo & Rob. Unfortunately for Sue and Bryan , that was as close as they got, with Mo & Rob winning the last three ends and 22-15 overall.

Being played out at the same time, was the men's Pairs (The Wellings) between Mike Alderton and grandson Morgan Kavanagh, against Robin Newman and Joe Jaquest. The early ends were shared 4 shots apiece, and it had all the making of close contest. However despite Joe going ahead to 10-5, he and Robin then got stuck on 10 whilst Mike went up to 14 and then to 20-11. At the close, Mike & Morgan won 25-13 when their opponents conceded after 20 ends.

The afternoon was rounded off with Hazel Baker joining Chris Pound and Linda James (substituting for the injured Maureen Burbridge), in the Ladies Triples, against Liz Baldwin with Denise Williams and Christine Moir. After a slow start, Liz and her team managed a 6 to even things up, and then moved into a 10-9 lead. After that it was nip and tuck to a nail-biting conclusion with a measure on the final end to give Hazel and team a win by a single shot, 18-17.

The Sunday morning session involved the Ladies in their  Singles and Pairs Trophies.   In the Rosella Ladies Singles, Hazel Baker was against Anne Darbourne, and despite a late Rally by Anne, Hazel retained her title from 2017. 

In the pairs, Maureen Harding and Sue Patey went ahead of  Chris Moir with Maggie Pipe in the early stages, and held on to win fairly comfortably.

In the afternoon the Men's triples involved Tim Baldwin with Bill Patterson and Hubert Cox, against Rob Kirby with Bill Pipe and Nick Nicholls.  The first half was nip and tuck, but Rob's team  inched ahead after the 12th end, and despite a late rally by Tim's team, emerged worthy winners  by 20 - 14.

The 'final Final' was the Australian Pairs between Hazel Baker and Mike Alderton against John Pink and Denise Rogers.  Hazel & Mike, fresh from their singles wins, were clearly to be considered likely favorites, but John and Denise moved ahead early. They held a lead throughout until their two shot lead going into the final end was trumped by a three shot win to give Hazel and Mike a one-shot victory.   

This concluded the programme, with Hazel managing to retain all 6 of her 2017 Titles, though some were by by the barest margin.  Well Done !, and borrowing a phrase from 'Eggheads'  … "she reigns over bowls land.... who can beat her ??" 

RESULT;  Our second friendly of the week was away to Bassetsbury Manor, where three triples had a close game, but unfortunately we came second again, this time by only 4 shots, 44 - 48.  Again we had one winning rink with Graham Buchanan, Rob Kirby and Nick Nicholls. 

RESULT ;  Our first friendly of the week was at home  against Court Park, where we came second  by 58 - 76, but we did have one winning rink, Roger Darbourne, Chris Pound and Bernard Bailey (18-15). 

Dates for your Diaries

INDOOR  2018-19  Handy Cross Shield.  The following links (also on the Tab for Indoor games) give details of the schedule and rules for this competition at Handy Cross IBC  for the coming season.  These fixtures are NOT on your fixture card.  This will be particularly useful for members who plan to play indoors at HX, but the CSG team selection is not restricted to HX members. 

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Shield fixtures.pdf

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/HX shield rules 2018.pdf

RESULT ;  On Sunday we visited Aston Clinton BC to play a friendly game.  The home match had been cancelled due to a downpour back at the end of May, but this time the sun was bright and it was a lovely warm afternoon.  Last year we narrowly beat A C both home and away, , but this year it was their turn.  All five triples were won by clear margins, two to us, but three to them, and they emerged winners by 93-79.  Our Top Rink was Hubert Cox, Nick Nicholls and Candi Ivey (23-12), but well done to both our winners, ( that means also to Pat Mckay Bob Baker & Rob Kirby). 

COMPETITIONS;   All Semi-finals, (with the exception of one singles game) have now been completed, so the line up for the weekend of Sept 7-8-9 is now known.  Refer to the 'Competitions' tab on this website for all the details .  

The situation with multiple finalists indicate that the afternoon of Friday 7th WILL be needed, and the schedule for the three days will be advertised shortly.

RESULT ;  On Thursday our Ladies visited Flackwell Heath for a 3 triple friendly, and had a very pleasant afternoon, coming out ahead on two out of three, for an overall win by 51-39 ,  helped along by our Top Rink of Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Candi Ivey  (24-8).   That just leaves one more Ladies game (against Chesham) in September.  

Three Counties League. 

There is 1 game to go but there is a winner in our division (League A)  as on  the following links.  You will see that Amersham overtook us with 12 points in their last game, and Wexham threaten to do the same if they beat Flackwell on Sept 3rd. ("Come on Flackwell"!!).

Congratulations to High Wycombe B.C. who won our division and Court Park B.C. who won the other division, and they will contest the final on Sunday 16th September 2pm at High Wycombe.

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/3C Fixtures 29 Aug.pdf

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/3C Table 29 Aug.pdf

Cancellation ;  Unfortunately Glory Mill cannot raise a team for Saturday, so this match has been cancelled...… just have to go to the village Show instead !!

Jubilee Cup  ;  On Bank Holiday Monday we played the Drawn Pairs competition for the Jubilee Cup. On a dry but overcast day, the green was arranged for 8 rinks to allow  32 players to play 3 sessions of 8 ends with a Final between the top two.  The sessions were hard fought, and three teams emerged within a point of each other, but on shot difference, Roger Darbourne and Chris Moir were joined by Bill Pipe and Hazel Baker in a 6-end Final. Another close game  was won by Bill & Hazel, and the Cup presented by President Staff Burbridge.   Another successful occasion, with thanks to Maureen Burbridge and her many helpers, who all enjoyed a BBQ Burger and Bangers to end the day, together with other players, members and Guests from the Parish council.


RESULT ; On Sunday, we played the quarterfinal of the Chiltern & Thames League, against Harefield Hospital, at the neutral green of Court Park. The Court Park green was disappointingly scarred from over-enthusiastic cutting, but fast as a result. Rain was forecast, but in the early stages we held our own, recovering from 0-6 to 7-8 after 3.  After 10 we were leading on two out of three triples, and only 24-26 down. However by then the rain had turned heavy, and fortunes began to change. Our two leading rinks slipped back, (both figuratively, and in some cases in the rain - literally!)  but the third team began a recovery, and was only one shot down when the game was halted by agreement after about 14 ends, with Harefield the winners at an overall score of 33 - 44. Well done to all concerned, and good luck to Harefield in the Semi-final. 

CANCELLATION ;  Unfortunately the friendly game against Berkhamsted has been called off, through lack of support. Apologies to the few who signed up for this game. 

Amersham Ladies Gala ; Two Chalfont St Giles teams attended this event on Friday. Chris Moir, Gill Wise and Candi Ivey were joint top with 33 points but lost out on the top spot to Wexham by shot difference. The other team of Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Pam Anderson lost out on the prize money by coming 4th, with 29 points, but beaten again on shot difference to Chess Vale. A good effort ladies !

RESULT:   On Saturday we played our annual match against the Bucks VPs on our ground and the weather stayed fine for us, sunny periods and not too cold. We had a nice friendly game and the score reflected the play. We drew on 3 triples and won on 2. The total score was a win by 96 to 81 and our highest triple was Maggie Pipe, Roy Pound and Colin Richards by 20 to 8. The meal was enjoyed by all.  

RESULT ;     It hardly seems any time since played Wexham away in the Three Counties, and on Thursday, there we were again , playing them again in a friendly.

Four triples had an enjoyable battle, with Wexham fielding two players in their first match, but at half way the game was tied 33-33, and two games apiece.  However after initially slipping 6 shots behind, the laggards rallied towards the end, and those ahead maintained their leads,  eventually getting three wins to one, and a victory by 68-61 overall.  Well done all, especially to Top Rink of Graham Buchanan, Bob Baker and Anne Darbourne (19-12).

Another  Date for Your Diary ;  The annual Awards Dinner will be on Friday 23rd November, at the new venue of Oaklands Golf Club. There were a few issues with the food at Harewood Downs, but the food at Oaklands is said is to be excellent, so we hope you will all give it a try.. More details soon.

RESULT :  On Tuesday we had a further friendly match, this time against Stoke Poges on their green.  The Captain's rink was a really close affair, ending 14-14, but fortunately the other two triples won comfortably to gain a win by 61 - 30.  Top Chalfont  Rink was Sue Patey, Michael Facey and Nick Nicholls  (28-7).   We play SP again in September when they will have a chance to rectify matters on our green, but the main target is to have another fun- and sun-filled afternoon.   

Bank Holiday Monday ; Jubilee Cup ;  The 'Three x 8 ends' Schedule will start at 11.00 There will be 8 rinks to accommodate all those who put their names down.  The pairings will have been made, but allow plenty of time to sort yourselves out.

The session 2 will be at 12.15, and after a break for a bring-your-own lunch, the third session will be followed by Tea with Cakes whilst the Top Two teams prepare for a 6-end FINAL at about 15.30, to be followed by a BBQ.   Players and Supporters all welcome !!

Chiltern & Thames Quarterfinals ;   Our  Opponents have been identified as Harefield Hospital, and we play them on the Neutral Green of Court Park Bowling Club , on Sunday 26th at 10.00.  The team has been  posted on the appropriate page of this website, and all supporters will be welcome on the day.

Wexham ; 23rd Aug ;   Apologies for the late selection, but the game against Wexham this Thursday is now on the 'Mid-week Matches' tab.  All those who signed up are playing.  "Thank you" to those who were persuaded to complete the team yesterday.

100 Club ; The August Draw resulted in the following winners ;

£25   Mick Lane,  £15  Rose Kirby,  £10  Margaret Timberlake

RESULT ; On Monday afternoon we played a friendly against Harrow B C in pleasant sunshine despite the odd threat of a shower that never really arrived.  After a hiccup due to misunderstanding on numbers, we rapidly re-organised our members, (thanks to those who stood down or played half-each, and apologies for ending up with one all-men team, and one all-lady) and played four triples.  There were some very tight heads, ( and some very loose one ! ) and overall it was very competitive, but we inched ahead to win three out of four, losing the fourth by a single deciding shot on the last bowl of the game. Overall shots were 77-56, and Top Rink was Mike Moir , Hubert Cox and George Ivey.  (25-15) 

RESULT:  We played a friendly match at Home against Desborough on Sunday and although in the first half of the match we were just ahead, the opponents found the green better than us after tea and won on 3 rinks out of 5. The total score was 76 to 80 and our highest winning rink was Callum Kavanagh, Candi Ivey and Rob Kirby who won by 25 to 8. The match was played in good spirit and the weather was sunny and warm.  

RESULT ; In the last Three Counties match of our season, we visited Bassetsbury Manor,  and enjoyed a fine tussle as they sought to redress the win that we had achieved at home.  At half way there was little in it,  but after tea, the match swung their way, leaving us a solitary victory and 2 pts to their 10.   Our sole winners and Top Rink, was Dave Harding, Linda James and Liz & Tim Baldwin (19-18) and the overall score was 82 - 110.  A disappointing second half to a league that we were winning at half way, but the fixture imbalance that saw us play away over the last 6 matches, took its toll.


All the reports for 2018  pre- August 18th  are now archived in the 'archive' pages of this website