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The club is affiliated to Bowls England, and operates Lawn Bowls throughout the summer, and compete in all County competitions, Thames Valley League and local friendlies. We also organise short-mat bowls and social events in the winter.

CLUB NEWS                             Last updated TB 17th February 2019

More GREAT NEWS ;  Keep the bunting up for another week, as after waiting for an indoor win for what seemed forever, two come along within a week!.  We visited Handy Cross on Sunday , and at half way there were only two shots in it !  At the end, with two rinks winning, against two losses, it was still very close.  Top Rink was Rose Kirby, Pat MacKay and Liz & Tim Baldwin (still smarting from last weeks bottom rink!) by 27-8,  which, aided by John Anderson's Team's narrower win 16-12, gave us an overall win by 61 - 58.  Another fine Team Effort.  Bring on Herts * next week.  

* Please see the indoor matches for the selection of the Herts game on 23rd Feb. 


When members are next asked " when did Chalfont last win an indoor match?", you will no longer have to say " ...not within living memory ".   On Saturday we played away at  Foxhill IBC and achieved a memorable victory.!  

We went into an early lead but were pegged back to 40-40 at tea time, and it was then 'nip and tuck' all the way to the end. 

All five triples can be congratulated, particularly those members who do not play regularly indoors. Top rink went to Pam Anderson with Denise Rogers & John Pink  (29-7) and Mike Alderton's team  won their triple including a three on the final end. 

Even Dave Harding, Pat McKay & Tim Baldwin who were on the wrong end of a 6-30 thrashing, managed a one-shot win on their final end to set up Mike Moir, Hazel Baker & Liz Baldwin, who were running a bit behind the other games, with the score level 81-81 and their final two ends to finish. 

With all eyes on them , they got a single shot on each end, to give us a win by 83-81.  Well done Captain John Anderson, & everyone in the team, and bring on Handy Cross next week !  

100 Club ;  The draw for January has thrown up the following winners;

£25    Chris Pound    £15  Maureen Burbridge   £10   Billie Dumbleton

Handy Cross Shield ; Latest News ;    The quarter-final against Marlow on Sunday afternoon was a competitive match, but unfortunately we lost on all triples, (10-14, 10-16 and 7 - 21)  though two of the three were close fought to the end, when risks had to be taken, which distorted the score. Thanks to Mike Alderton for stepping in at the last minute, and Janice - get well soon !  The format next year could be changing to a First & Second Division, each with 5 teams, and Promotion/Relegation at the end of each year, but it remans to be seen which division we will start in next season.

The full status is on the following link ;

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Shield Results to 21st Jan.pdf

Please see Indoor Matches for 9th Feb v  Foxhill selection.

Handy Cross Shield  

The final games in the 'Round Robin' stages were played out on Jan 5th, with Chalfont taking on Flackwell Heath to earn a place in the last 8.  This was duly accomplished with a Win  by two triples to one, and by 45-26 overall. Top Rink was  Janice Batkins with Tim & Liz Baldwin (18-6) but the most important aspect was that we earned points to put us in the middle of the pack, hopefully avoiding the top teams in the quarter-finals. We now know who that will be - Marlow on Sunday 20th Jan.  

For full details of the results so far  - follow this link ;  

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Shield Results to 5th Jan.pdf

Short Mat

The group of members who also enjoy our weekly short mat evenings in the Memorial Hall, celebrated the last session before Christmas in fine style, with an abundance of Elves, Santas and Reindeer bursting out all over !  The wine and mince pies added to the fun, and we all look forward to the re-start in the New year.  Any members wishing to join us, just contact any of the culprits in the following photos, and they will fill you in with the details. 


…………………………..…. not to forget the photographer!.

Committee Notice ;

It was agreed at the last Committee Meeting to co-opt Tim Baldwin on to the Committee as Vice Chairman, if he was agreeable. This has now been implemented with Tim B's agreement.

 Handy Cross Shield ;    The final 'round robin' game in the 2018-19 Handy Cross Shield is to be played against Flackwell Heath on Jan 5th.   The current Points Status, and the Chalfont  team are posted on the 'Indoor Games'  tab of this website, and on the following links ;

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Shield Results to 19th Dec.pdf

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Team v Flackwell Heath.pdf

NOTE ;   The team pick as above, and hopefully in the future, will be found as a link on the relevant page, rather than on a further drop-down page as previously .  Hopefully this will be easier to use, but if there are any issues, please contact Tim B …..

A date for your diaries

The 2019 pre-season meeting will be held on Sunday March 24th - more details and info in due course.

Bournemouth 2018 ; A short report on the happenings in Bournemouth when a group from the club hade their annual trip , can be found on the following link ; 

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Bournemouth 2018.pdf

A Catch-up on the 100 Club winners in the last three months ;  Remember to renew your membership if you haven't already done so, so be eligible for the January 2019 Draw ! 

  In October, the winners were George Ivey, Margaret Timberlake and Alan Williams

  In November, they were Bill Paterson, Alexander Batkins and Allan Rumble

  In December, they were Ethan Odian, Lucan Odian and Staff Burbridge .  

Apologies for the delay in adding any latest news to the website during TB's holiday.

The AGM has come and gone  and The Presentation Dinner-dance was held on Friday 23rd at Oaklands Park Golf Club and was well attended by most members.

The Annual Christmas Card exchange and Social morning was held on Saturday December 8th and a good turnout enjoyed a final chance of the year to wish everyone a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and count down to another SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR !!

REMINDER; The next winter social will then be on 16th January, (on the third Wednesday as usual).  Shirley Taylor is again running these Games and Lunch Days from 10.30am to around 3.00pm. Lunch (soup, bread, pudding) and tea/coffee are included in the £3 fee, and this year we have the added attraction of a pools table which converts to a table-tennis table, as well as the usual array of games.

Everyone is Welcome !

The current situation following  Handy Cross Shield games up to 28th Nov  (details below) can be followed up on this link.

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Shield Results to 28 Nov.pdf

RESULT ;  On Sunday,  we played the first game in this year's Handy Cross Shield.  This is a competition between outdoor clubs who have members at HX, but we can play any of our outdoor players.  Our first game was against the 'Handy Cross' home team made up of players not affiliated to any of the other 7 clubs involved.  This group has won the competition 6 times in the last 8 years, so  we knew we were up against it!  In the event we gave them a good game, winning one triple (Rose, Liz & Tim)  and coming close in a second (hard luck to Bobbie, Rob and Tony B). Thanks also to  Linda, Colin & Mike A who completed our team, and we look forward to the second game in the 'round robin' stage in January.   



All the reports up to December 2018  are now archived in the 'archive' pages of this website