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CLUB NEWS                             Last updated TB   16th July  2019

RESULT ;   On Tuesday afternoon, we visited Ladygate for a friendly , and on a lovely, if rather hot afternoon, enjoyed a fine tussle in good company.  At half way we were lagging behind by 5 shots, and losing on three out of five rinks , but a cup of tea and a doughnut worked wonders, and we recovered to win on 4 rinks, and overall by 88 -76,  Top Chalfont Rink was Hubert Cox with Liz and Tim Baldwin. 

Meanwhile ….   A Chalfont team of Rose Kirby, Chris Moir and Candi Ivey played in the Wendover Gala, and on  " a great day, well organised and with great food" , they won the event by 2 shots.  Well done Ladies !  

RESULT  ;  The Chiltern & Thames League entered the final lap on Monday with the first of two games against Marlow. The home leg was played on a fine evening, albeit into the sun on the west-facing ends, and although two triples had shaky starts, (one losing a 7 on the third end) , by the end we were comfortable winners on two rinks, and managed a shot on the final end to get a draw on the other.  Well done to Top Rink Hubert Cox,  Denise Williams & Rob Kirby (28-2)  and an overall win by 63 - 35 and a 9pts - 1 points score.  Things are looking good for a quarter-final place, but two games to go to ensure we end up at the top of our division. 

NEWS ;  Burnham Plate ;  The latest table is on the following link, showing we are in second place and can realistically only be caught if Loudwater beat Amersham by 19 shots in the last game of the division.   If we were to finish second, we play Bletchley St Martins away on Aug 4th.   Fingers Crossed ! 

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Burnham Plate15.7.19.pdf

RESULT ; On Saturday we took a rest from the competition leagues and played a friendly game of 5 triples, away at Stoke Poges. Unfortunately our opponents were on good form and gave us a hard time, winning well on three rinks to ensure an SP win by 94-63 .  However we managed a win with Top Chalfont Rink Margaret Timberlake, Hubert Cox and Liz Baldwin (20-10) and after a tight match that see-sawed all afternoon the Captains rink managed a draw 17-17.  

RESULT ;  The final game in our Ladies' Burnham Plate campaign was played on Thursday evening at Denham, where our team of Rose Kirby, Maggie Pipe, Chris Moir and Candi Ivey managed a good win by 26-17, despite a mid-game wobble, to give us 2 more points and a total of 8.  The following link shows the division table before this game, and with GX playing Iver Heath of Friday (today)  there is a good chance of us finishing second.  Fingers Crossed and watch this space. 

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/burnham plate July 12.pdf

UPDATE ;  Three Counties League ; The current issue of the League standings can be found on the following link ;

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/3C 3.pdf

NOTICE ; Hazel Baker will play her Bucks/Oxon Final game in the National Ladies  Champion of Champions competition, on the neutral green at Chesham, on Thursday 25th July at 6.00pm, when any supporters will be welcome.  (No mass-transport needed this time!) 

Chiltern & Thames League ;    On Tuesday we played the away game against Glory Mill, who fielded a full team against us,  and gave us a very close contest.  Their green is a challenging mix of slopes and bare patches, not surprising given their imminent likelihood of closure, but an interesting experience none the less. 

The first match to finish managed to lose a three on the last end, but still scrape a single shot victory. Then the second triple managed to win their last end, to reduce a loss to eight shots. (7 down at this stage) .

Mike and Flora Alderton, with Denise Rogers were the last to finish. Their game had been close throughout, but a four on end 17 saw them pull ahead to a 7 shot lead with one end to go. (Overall all square!)   We drew an early shot wood, which managed to survive the rest of the deliveries to give Mike and his team the single-shot win, Top Rink, and Chalfont a win by 44-43.  This gave us 8 points to 2, putting us top of our division with three games to play. 

As the league reaches the last few matches, the organisers have issued their latest 'current results'  and League Table (not including tonight's) which can be found in the following links ;  

 Results     http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/CandT8Jul.pdf

 Table        http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/CandTresultsstatus8July.pdf

RESULT ;  The Ladies played their counterparts from Amersham on Monday afternoon, and whilst it was a 'friendly' match, the score-line of 81-32 indicates a solid win. Nevertheless everyone enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, and sociable tea and cake afterwards,  not least the Chalfont Top Rink of Rose Kirby, Maggy Pipe & Chris Moir! 

WELL DONE  HAZEL ;   Hazel Baker played her 'Champion of Champions' county semi-final today (Friday) at Banbury Central Bowls Club, against their champion lady, Caroline Campion..  A group from the club went along to watch the game, and Hazel wishes to thank them all for their effort and support.  It all looked to have been a disappointing journey, when the home player went into a 10-2 lead, and after 14 ends she had moved to 15- 5.  However the tide turned a little and end-by-end Hazel clawed back to 17 -17, then 18-18.  Caroline went to 19-18, but then Hazel found herself holding 2, with a final wood capable of winning the match, and got it into the count for a notable victory and a place in the county Final.   Her final opponent will be the representative from Hazells, and possibly the game will be at home, or at worst on a neutral ground.  Further details will be published when known.

RESULT ; In the evening on Thursday, our ladies played the home tie in the Burnham Plate, against Iver Heath. After a slow start, our team of Lyn Carroll, Maureen Harding, Denise Williams and Candi Ivey caught up with our visitors by half way, and edged into a lead which they held to complete an overall score of 17-15 and a good win against one of the main contenders for the division title.  Well done , Ladies.

RESULT ;  On Thursday afternoon, in glorious sunshine, we played our return (away) leg of the Chiltern & Thames games against High Wycombe. Having won 10-0 at home, the 'bar of expectation' was set high, but the three triples did not disappoint, winning all three again, by a shot margin of 57-46 and 10-0 points overall.  The Captains rink won by a shot on the last end, but Top Rink went to Rose Kirby, Liz Baldwin & Tim Baldwin (17-11). 

 IMPORTANT NOTICE ;  A revised date for your diaries ;  The End-of Season Presentation Dinner date has had to be amended from that shown in your fixture cards to Friday 22nd November .  The venue will be as last year at Oakland Park golf club, and further details will issued in due course.  Apologies for any inconvenience. 

RESULT On Tuesday evening we played a further game in the Chiltern & Thames league, at home against Glory Mill .  This league is for three mixed triples, and unfortunately our opponents were unable to field three ladies, (one per triple) so had to waive the 2 points for this all-male triple, and also the 4 points for overall result.  In this situation , the only points being played for were those for the two remaining valid matches, where the results were one win, and one loss.   Therefore we were deemed to have won  8 points to 2, and our Top (and only winning) Rink was Maureen Harding with George and Candi Ivey.  An unsatisfying win, and we hope that Glory Mill will be able to field a full side in the away match next week for a more representative contest.

RESULT ;  On Monday we played a friendly at home against Loudwater, and  enjoyed a healthy win by 96 - 46.  We had two rinks vying for top spot, so lets name both of them. Well done to Liz Baldwin, Allan Rumble & Denise Rogers,  and equally to Sue Patey, Hubert Cox and John Pink. 

NOTE ; Next Weekend July 6-7, is Triples Weekend.  Please ensure that you know your drawn partners to agree your team positions,  and all first round (quarter-finals) matches in both Men's & Ladies competitions will start at 14.00 on the Saturday, with the Semi-finals being from 14.00 on the Sunday .  Dress is GREYS,  and rinks will be drawn on the day. 

RESULT ; On Saturday, we played Windsor & Eton in a friendly, being our turn to host this annual alternating event .  As ever, the match proved to be well fought in a good atmosphere, despite it being the hottest day of the year so far.  We won 3 of the six triples, (losing the other three), but crawled over the line with a 2-shot win, and Top-Rink honours going to Flora Alderton with Liz & Tim Baldwin ((27-14) 

NOTICE:  We have had to cancel the Rickmansworth BL game on Sunday due to lack of support. 

RESULT:  On Tuesday afternoon we played a Home 3 Counties match against  Amersham and won by 4 rinks to 1 scoring 107 shots to 82. this giving us 10 points to 2. Our top rink was Denise Rogers, Martin Cripps, Nick Nicholls and Mike Alderton by 28 to 13. 

NOTICE :   A message from Maureen Burbridge.  Once again we have had to cancel a proposed fixture - Cippenham away on 27th June - due to insufficient players. I feel this is due to members concentrating more on their own competitions rather than supporting club fixtures. Please can I ask that members make a point of supporting our club fixtures as there is still plenty of time before competition deadlines. This will save us the embarrassment of having to cancel future matches.

RESULT:  Monday 24th June we played the first of the 2 Gerrards Cross matches for the Broome Wade trophy and although we put up a good fight we lost by 89 to 92 shots. Our top triple was Flora Alderton, Hubert Cox and Nick Nicholls by 22-16. Hopefully we will beat them on the return game in August.

 RESULT: Today Sunday 23rd June we played a 3 counties game at Bassetsbury Manor and although we could only put in 4 rinks we won on 3 and drew on the 4th. The score being 93 to 56 giving us 9 points to their 3.  Our top rink was Maggie Pipe, Anne Darbourne , Bob Baker and Mike Alderton by 28 to 8.  

RESULT:  We played Denham on Sat 22 June in a friendly match at home and won by 3 rinks to 2 and by 91 to 82 shots. It was a very nice warm afternoon for a change and our top triple was Maggie Pipe. Colin Richards and John Anderson by 27 to 5.  

RESULT ;  The Ladies played their latest Burnham Plate game on Thursday evening, against the ladies from Loudwater.  Last year we were in different divisions, and met in the quarter-finals where we narrowly lost to them, and unfortunately the result this year was the same.  Despite a last-minute push, our team of Maggie Pipe, Margaret Timberlake, Denise Williams and Candi Ivey went down 18-21.  Hard Luck ladies, and better luck against Iver Heath in two weeks time. 

RESULT ;  On Wednesday we played our first Three Counties game away against Amersham, and despite the persistent rain, and losing on two of the five rinks, we managed to win the other three, and the match overall.  The score was 107 to 91 giving us 8 points to 2 and our top rink was Rose Kirby, Sue Patey, Allan Rumble and Hazel Baker by 29 - 11. 

NOTICE:  We need more players for our 3 Counties matches against both Amersham on Tuesday the 25th June and Bassetsbury on Sunday the 23rd June. Please contact John if you can help or we will be giving points away in this league. 

RESULT:  Also on Mon 17th June we played a C&T match at home against High Wycombe and won on all 3 triples, and by 55 shots to 41, winning all 10 points. Our top triple was Rose Kirby, Liz Baldwin and Nick Nicholls (19 - 12). 

 RESULT: Hazel Baker played her next  'Ladies Champion of Champions' match on Mon 17th June, away  against her Bassetsbury opponent (Jane Mayall)  and came back a good winner.  She is now through to the area semi-final stage against either an opponent from Oxford or Banbury. Really well done.

RESULT ; On Saturday, we returned to the fray in the Three Counties League, and following defeats to Wexham and High Wycombe, we needed a good win against our visitors, Chess Vale. The rain affected our early ends, but cleared away to a pleasant sunny conclusion , and the desired win, by 129 - 73, four rinks to one, & 10 points to 2.  Top Rink was Mike Alderton, with Chris Moir, Hubert Cox and Nick Nicholls (31-11).

It won't be so straight-forward in the return match on their artificial surface ! 

The latest status issued by the Three Counties League (to June 11th) can be found on the following links ;   Results ;   http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/3C 2.pdf

           Standings ; http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/3C 2019 print 2.pdf

RESULT:  Thursday 13th June was also a busy night as Mike Alderton played his Men's Champions match against opposition from Iver Heath and unfortunately lost.

RESULT ;  On Thursday the Ladies played in the Burnham Plate, this time  against Gerrards Cross, and on a cold, dismal, but dry evening, had a good win by 26 - 13.     The Team was Rose Kirby, Hazel Baker, Anne Darbourne and Candi Ivey

RESULT:  Also on Wed 12th June the men played in their final Bucks Cup match and managed to win both triples at Home but lost both away. The score was 54 to 72 and we won 4 points to 8.  Top triple was Rob Kirby, John Anderson and Mike Alderton. 

RESULT ;  Meanwhile, Hazel Baker managed to complete her Champion of Champions game against Denise Newton of Richings Park, with a 21-16 win to take her into the Area Quarter finals, where she will meet either the representative from Wycombe or Bassetsbury, who are still to play.  

RESULT: On Wed 12th June the Ladies played at Amersham in the pouring rain and had to stop after 10 ends but they were winning 31 to 23 so called it a win. The winning triple was Margaret Timberlake, Jane Slay ( Amersham loan) and Lyn Carroll by 16 to 2. 

The Club's Mixed Gala was held on Tuesday June 11th.  After a day of crossed fingers with the rain on Monday, Tuesday proved grey and overcast, but DRY, and so the event went off as planned.  With the help of the kitchen crew headed by Maureen Harding, Liz Baldwin and Lyn Carroll, the welcoming bacon baps by Mike & Flora Alderton, the Bar manned by Rob Kirby & Dave Harding and Shirley Taylor on the raffle, all made the effort by the greens group and the morning helpers setting up the day, worthwhile. 

The  Spider raised £50+ for the Air Ambulance, and was won by Dave Bailey of Chesham, and the Raffle raised funds for the club.  14 teams , including new visitors from the Met Police (Watford), and from Scots Bowls Club (Luton)  played four sessions, and by the last session, it was between three or four teams with a chance to win.  Buckingham West End  made a gallant final effort to catch and see off front runners Long Crendon,  but it was not enough to beat the consistently high scoring of the Scots Bowls team, who finished two points ahead of them.  Well done to all the helpers and players to make this such a successful annual event. 

NOTICE ;  Schools visits.  Please open the following link to view information on a new initiative to  raise our profile and potentially encourage new membership in due course.

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Schools visits.pdf

100 Club ; The June Draw has been made and the lucky winners are ;- 

Bill Paterson (£25), Bobbie Richards (£15) and Maureen Burbridge (£10) 

The Chiltern & Thames league match away against Chesham on Monday evening was CALLED OFF due to the rain .  Re-arrangements to be advised in due course.

RESULT At the end of a week  with a match every day, we played our three Counties game away to High Wycombe.  This is always a tricky venue and this year proved no exception. The rain had cleared but the wind proved a factor as we enjoyed a fine afternoons bowling. With a few ends to go, we were in with a chance on three rinks out of five, but in the end we only recorded  one win, so well done to Top Rink Rose Kirby, Linda James, Nick Nicholls & Mike Alderton (17-13).   Hard Luck to the teams skipped by Tim Baldwin & Rob Kirby who came close, but the final overall score of 65 - 98 gave Wycombe a 10-2  points victory.  …. At least we won the Raffle (about 5-3) !  

RESULT ;  The Ladies played their Top Club match away against Iver Heath on Friday Evening, fortunately avoiding the rain that had threatened all afternoon, but unfortunately meeting a team on form.   Hazel Baker matched her opponent in the Singles most of the way before going down 16-21, whist the Pairs were 'nip and tuck' all the way, ending in a 18-18 draw. (well done Rose Kirby and Denise Williams).

The Triples battled to the end, to a creditable 16-20 score-line, but the Four were unable to keep up with their opponents, which ended 7-28 after 20 ends when the match had been lost. (half a point to three and a half).  Hard luck, but well played !. 

NOTE; The Ladies team on June 12th v Amersham has now been posted , and thanks to Amersham for a loan of our missing 9th player.

RESULT ;  On Thursday Evening, our ladies played their second game in the Burnham Plate, away against Stoke Poges.  Flora Alderton, Maureen Harding, Lyn Carroll and Liz Baldwin achieved a comfortable win by 30-10, in a game played in good spirit by all the players.      

RESULT ; We play Cippenham four times in friendlies each season (two at weekends, and two mid-week), and on Thursday afternoon we played the first mid-week game at home.  The sun shone and the green played well, and so did our players,  winning three close triples out of four, (hard luck Rob Kirby's team) and by 72-62 overall.

Top Rink was Hubert Cox, Colin Richards & John Anderson, and well done to everyone for an enjoyable afternoon. 

RESULT ; On Wednesday, we played Chesham again, this time in the men's Bucks Cup. Unfortunately we met our match at this higher level, losing all four triples (two each H&A) and all points.  The overall score of 34-67, tells the story, but hard luck to Graham Buchanan, Roger Darbourne and Tim Baldwin, playing away, who kept within a single shot to the final end,  only losing a 4 at the death.   The games at Chesham were suspended briefly due to heavy rain, though the home games got away with it.

NOTICE ;  a number of members have already been to Spain and Portugal with Allan Rumble's "Chiltern Tourers", and next years trip in April 2020 is being organised.  If you want further details, or to join this group next year, please see the details in the link below, and contact Allan as soon as possible.

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Chiltern Tourers 2020.pdf 

RESULT : On Tuesday we entertained Tring to a friendly game at home, though the weather was less than friendly, with a damp start and delayed resumption after tea. However the rain cleared and the game was still completed to a competitive finish, with two wins apiece, and one drawn triple, giving a close result of 81-75 in our favour.  The win was due in no small part to our winning rink,  Bobbie Richards, Nick Nicholls and Chris Moir, with an emphatic 26-6.      

RESULT ;   What a difference a day makes!  On Monday evening we played our first match in the Chiltern & Thames League, at home against Chesham, and we managed to dispel the gloom from Sunday with a good win on two out of three triples and by 49-45 overall.  League points were 8-2, and Top Chalfont Rink* was  Denise Williams, John Anderson & Mike Alderton.  (* Apologies for Top Rink mis-information posted here last night!)   We can now look forward to the away leg, next week. 

RESULT ; On Sunday, (2nd June) we played Wexham away, in the first leg of the Three Counties League.  It is not often that we are involved in a 12-0 whitewash, but unfortunately we were on the receiving end of one on this occasion.  Wexham were very consistent, on their apparently inconsistent green !.  They coped better with the variations in pace and line, though we had one rink that was only beaten by a single shot, so due respect to Graham Buchanan, Mike Moir, Anne Darbourne & Rob Kirby who lost a high-scoring exchange 24-25.  Otherwise the overall score of 73-134., is best forgotten..... so we move on to the next encounter.!

 RESULT ;  The Annual Ladies v Gents was played on Saturday June 1st, slightly reduced in numbers due to the heavy programme next week.  Despite a few loans to the ladies (thanks to John/Joanna, Nick / Nicola and Brian / Bryony) the Gents managed two wins to one, and 62-39 overall.  A bit of research is needed to see whether this is a break from recent trends, which memory says favours the Ladies ! 

REMINDER ;  The Recruitment Fun day &  Friends & Family invitation is not far away, to be held on Sunday June 9th.  All members are urged to support the club on this day, Bring your friends or come and play some demonstrations etc with our visitors.    

RESULT ;  Our Ladies played the first game in the Burnham Plate on Thursday Evening, and what a swinging game. After 13 ends we were winning by 14 - 5, but then an Amersham resurgence took the next 6 ends, and our 3 shot win on the final end was not quite enough , as we lost by a single shot, 17-18.  Hard Luck ladies !

RESULT:  We played at Princes Risborough on Thursday and had mixed fortunes. We won on 2 triples out of 4 but lost by 62 to 72 shots overall. Out top rink was Rose Kirby, Graham Buchanan and John Anderson by 20 to 15. 

 Friday June 7th ;  There will be a roll-up, but apologies, there will be  NO FOOD , as the Ladies are away at Iver Heath, playing the first round of the Top Club competition.  * (apologies for the earlier typo showing June 33rd !)

The 10-lady  Top Club team selection is on the page for Ladies Matches, and any further members travelling to Iver Heath to support the ladies, will be appreciated.  

The Spring Plate ;  On Bank Holiday Monday, the club played the annual drawn Triples competition for the Spring Plate, though on closer inspection of the trophy, we realise it should be the Spring Shield !!  

Played on a fine afternoon with plenty of sunshine , the teams played three sessions of 8 ends to establish two teams with three wins, to play a Final of 6 ends, watched by the rest of the participants. 

Although Lyn Carroll with Chris Moir and Sue Patey put up a good fight, the winners by 7-5 were Club Captain John Anderson, with Bobbie Richards and Denise Williams. 

 Finally, Thanks to Graham Buchanan for the arrangements, and Maureen Burbridge for organising the Tea !  





NOTICE:  A request to all players to please put their names down for matches and also we need more Players for the Ladies & Gents match on the 1st June. 

RESULT:   Our 3 Counties match on Sat 25th May was Away to Harefield Hospital and we won on 2 rinks, lost on 2 rinks and drew on the other one giving us an overall score of 100 to 95 and 7 points to 5. The winning rinks were very close winning by 8 shots each and 12 ends each and had to be decided by the last 10 ends played. The winners were Chris and Mike Moir and Candi and George Ivey with Rose Kirby, Bob Baker, Barry Mills and Mike Alderton being runners up.  A good effort from everyone to give us a win at Harefield. 

The status of the 3C League, up to but not including the Harefield game, is on the following link.      http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/3C 2019 print 1.pdf

NOTICE:  Can everyone check their emails for the amendments to the fixtures lists as some matches have changed locations, 

NOTICE:   The 100 club draw this month was won by  John Pink,  Colin Richards and Shirley Taylor. 

RESULT:  We played another friendly on Sunday against Windsor Great Park and unfortunately lost by 97 to 109 shots overall. It was a very nice afternoon and everyone was friendly. We won 2 triples, drew 2 triples and lost 2 triples and we had a highest winning rink of Chris Moir. Roger Darbourne and Dave Harding who won 19 to 12.

RESULT:   We played a friendly match Away to Cippenham on Saturday 18th May and we came out the winners by 5 triples to 1 winning by 129 to 65. Our Top rink was Chris Moir, Lyn Carroll and Mike Alderton by 22 to 4. Well done to all who played.

CANCELLATION:  The match against Desborough has been called off as they cannot get a team to play us. 

RESULT:   On Thursday we played a friendly away against Herts and won 4 out of 5 triples by 103 to 64 shots. Our highest winning rink was Denise Rogers, Bryan Hedley and Hazel Baker winning 27 to 9. 

 RESULT:   Wednesday was not a good day for us in the Bucks Cup against Chess Vale. we won one rink at home and lost the other three rinks with a points score of 2 for us and 10 for ChessVale. Our winning rink was Graham Buchanan, Nick Nicholls and Tony Batkins by 21 - 12.

NOTICE:  Hazel Baker and Mike Alderton played a county game against a pair from Iver Heath and although they were doing well they lost 15 to 18.  A good attempt by them and well done for giving it a go. 

  RESULT: On Tuesday 14th may we hosted a friendly game against Ladygate in lovely sunshine and we again came out the winners even though we had to loan them a player and go down to a pairs on one rink. The score was 95 to 64 with us winning 4 out of the 5 games. Our highest rink was George Ivey, Lyn Carroll and Dave Harding by 27 to 4.

RESULT:  We had a busy weekend and had mixed fortunes in the games. Our 3 Counties game Away to Flackwell Heath was a success winning 3 rinks to 2 giving us 8 points to 4,  and 101 to 93 overall. Our highest winning rink was Chris Moir,Linda James, Bob Baker and Nick Nicholls by 32 to 7 shots. The Home game on Sunday against Long Crendon was not so good and we lost on all triples except for a drawn one consisting of Rose Kirby, Mike Wise and George Ivey who scored 12 all. Well done to everyone who played.

 CONGRATULATIONS ;  The winner of the Rosella is entered into the following years' Ladies 'Champion of Champions' competition , and Hazel Baker has opened her account this year, with a win over her opposite number from Iver Heath, winning 21-16 to progress to the next round. Well Done ! 

FIXTURE AMENDMENTS;  Members will have noticed a couple of changes to details in recent fixtures, which has caused a review of the card, and a glitch has been discovered whereby some Home/Away details are incorrect. The following links will show the corrected details for May & June, and the rest of the calendar will be revised shortly.


RESULT ;  Following last years success in the Bucks Plate, we had won our division and gained promotion to the Bucks Cup.  The competition is fiercer in this higher echelon, and we approached our first match against Marlow on Wednesday evening with some concerns, not helped by the light rain which got worse as the evening went on.  With two triples at home, and two away, we managed to exceed our expectations with one win out of 2  at both ends of the fixture, but lost on overall score, by 67 - 75.  Well done to the winning teams of Henry Bell, George Ivey and Tim Baldwin (22-16 at Home) and Graham Buchanan, Nick Nicholls and Tony Batkins (22-18 Away)  who secured 4 points to Marlow's 10.

...but earlier it had rained!  CANCELLATION ;  Unfortunately the overnight rain, and continuing heavy rain and hail showers were enough to cancel the friendly game planned for Wednesday against Kings Langley. 

 APOLOGIES ;  On Tuesday, the friendly game against Rosedale was subject to the error all captains fear, with each club thinking the match was at their home. !  Lessons will be learnt, and our players enjoyed a good practise session, once it was realised that our opponents weren't coming. The fixture card appears to have suffered some gremlins, and will be double re-checked and any amendments notified in due course.

RESULT ; On Saturday 4th May we played a friendly against Hazells at home but suffered a defeat by 80 to 128 winning only one triple. This was therefore our Top Rink, with Maggie Pipe,  Bob Baker  and John Pink who won 20 to 18. The weather was very variable with us having to stop because of the heavy hailstones, whilst generally it was raining and cold,  but then the sun came out. !

WELL DONE to the Greens Team, for getting the green to a good state and full 'starring' by the County starring team, following their visit last week.  The following link gives the full results for the clubs in our division. 

 http://www.CSGbOWLINGCLUB.co.uk/Starring report.pdf

Chiltern Tourers ; A number of our members joined Allan Rumble again this year, on his trip to Spain to play a few local clubs there.  A report on the trip and a few group photos, can be found on this site under "Winter Bowling & Chiltern Tourers".   If any of these travellers have further photos to illustrate this trip, please pass them to Tim Baldwin, otherwise …."what else happened in Spain will stay in Spain " 

Competitions ;  The 2019 Draws have taken place and are posted in the clubhouse, and can be found on the appropriate page of this website ;   All players are urged to get their early games organised, especially using the free week in the May Calendar to get the competitions underway.

 RESULT ;  On Wednesday 1st May , we played a friendly at home against Glory Mill, and after  a mix-up on the number of triples due to be played had been sorted out, three Triples enjoyed a good afternoon's bowling.  We managed two wins out of three, with Top Rink going to Candi Ivey, with Rob Kirby and Lyn Carroll (30-10), giving us an overall win by 64 -43.  We always enjoy playing this small club, and news that they are under notice of possible closure in the next couple of years is unfortunate.  However we look forward to further encounters this year, in the C&T league and another weekend friendly.

RESULT ; On Tuesday , our first midweek friendly was against Court Park, on a fine warm afternoon, giving everyone a fine chance to consolidate their start to the season.  At half-way the score was close, but leaning towards our visitors, but after tea we edged ahead to an overall win by 81-76.  Top Rink was Rob Kirby, with Staff Burbridge and Chris Moir (25-11), but also notable was the recovery from  2-10 to 15-15 by Graham Buchanan, Mick Lane and Mike Wise.  We look forward to our return game , when Court Park, currently having to all their matches play away till June, will have their new Clubhouse open.

NOTICE ; Apologies to the Ladies hoping to play, but Denham have called off the friendly game on May 2nd, through lack of players.  

100 Club ;  The winners in the April Draw were

£25 Roy Pound ,   £15  Oakley Dyer,   £10   Ivy Eyres

RESULT ;  The second match of the weekend was more enjoyable on a brighter Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately, less successful.  We played at home in a friendly against Stoke Poges, and started encouragingly, being 11-6 up overall after 3 ends.  The run-in to the tea break saw a resurgence by our opponents, who led 34-29 at the break.  The second half was close on all rinks, though Stoke Poges ran away at the end, winning by 69 - 48. Our closest result was by Tony Batkins, with Chris Moir and Colin Richards (14-15) , who were deemed to be our Top Rink, despite losing a 7 at half way.  

RESULT ;  The first match of the season was a friendly at home against Rickmansworth British Legion,  and was a win by 74 - 58, helped by our Top Rink of Chris Moir, Hubert Cox and Captain-of-the-Day George Ivey  who won 35-8 against an opposing Captain who was supporting two new bowlers.  Well done to both teams for playing on a cold day with windy conditions.  Lets hope the weather improves in the coming weeks.  

NOTE ; The team selections for the matches in early May can be found on the three tabs above, for mid-week, week-end or Ladies matches. 

The first Friday roll up WITH BAKED POTATOES was on Friday 26th, and a hardy 12 players risked the wet forecast and got away with it. Hopefully when the  group currently touring with Allan Rumble in Spain bring back some sunshine, numbers will improve.

NB ;  following reaction to suggestions at the pre-season meeting to amend the approach to the Fearnley Cup, it has been decided to retain the format of recent years, so everything on the Friday roll-up will remain unchanged.

 NOTICE ;  The teams for the first weekend matches are posted on the appropriate page of this website ; Note that the Sunday match has ben reduced to 4 triples by our visitors (Stoke Poges)  but those players affected by this reduction have been notified, and the teams adjusted accordingly 

The Greens are Open !!

As announced at the pre-season meeting, the greens are available for practise and self-organised roll-ups over the Easter Weekend,  from Thursday afternoon.  

The weather is improving, and all members are encouraged to get back into shape in the run-in to the first Friday night roll-up on the 26th,  and the first matches over the 27th-28th.  The Teams for these early matches HAVE BEEN POSTED, so watch out and tick your names as usual. 

and so ...............Good luck for the new season! 

Obituary ;   We are very sad to report the death of our member  Robin Newman, who died on Tuesday after suffering for some months with Motor Neurone Disease.

His funeral will be held on Friday 12th April 10.30 am at St Michael's Church Grenfell Road, Beaconsfield HP9 2BP.   After the service his burial will be a family only affair - but , after that, anyone who would like to join the family for a drink / refreshments at The Chequers Inn, Wooburn Green will be very welcome.  No flowers please but any donations to the Motor Neurone Disease charity will be much appreciated.  

 Pre-season Meeting ;   The EGM on Sunday March 24th, with the informal pre-season meeting that followed, was well attended, with everyone looking forward to the new season.  The proposal which necessitated the EGM,  that members be offered the opportunity to pay £30 'up front' in lieu of match fees, was passed with a strong majority, and most members have already taken advantage of the stream-lining initiative.

The Chairman, Tim Timberlake, updated members on various items of news, including the installation of the new water tank, the ongoing discussions with the PC on Lease, Water Supply and Access issues.  

The Clubhouse spring clean will be on April 4th, and members were asked to let Mike Alderton know if they intend to come ….. the more the merrier !

The Greens should be open for Thursday April 18th, allowing members plenty of roll-up practice over the Easter break. The First formal Friday roll-up (with food) will be on April 26th,  ahead of the first match on the 27th  (v Rickmansworth British Legion).  Team selection sheets have been posted, so get those names down for the Captains choice ! 

It was noted that the Fearnley Cup will still be awarded at the end of the season, but will be based on 'The Most Improved Player', rather than solely on the Friday evening results.  This will allow informal coaching on Friday nights where requested.  ** see a later amendment to this suggestion, added on 26th April above .

The Competition entries are now open, and the draw will take place as advertised, but will not involve a fully open forum, ( which has not been wholly successful in recent years) but will be posted after a draw by the comp's organisers (Graham Buchanan and Mike Alderton) and assisted by two independent 'scrutineers' , who will be selected from the volunteers who identified themselves at the meeting.  


All the reports up to  March 2019 are now transferred into the 'archive' pages of this website.